Friday, May 26, 2006

Ab Hindi mein...

So, which are the best of Hindi-dubbed Hollywood titles?

Before we go any further, let me inform all Townies and South Delhi-ites that Jurassic Park's Hindi title was NOT Jurassic Bagicha. Park is as much a Hindi word as taxi, time and politics!

The earliest one I can think of is for Dunston Checks In and hey! It rhymed... Ek Bandar, Hotel ke Andar! Children's movies have to go overboard on the catchy quotient and hence Baby's Day Out was a cutesy pie Ek Baby Teen Badmaash.

The latest ones are even taking help of current events... Poseidon is Tsunami Ka Kaher.
And being terribly descriptive... Basic Instinct 2 is a gory Murder Ka Nasha!
Pirates of the Carribean came in as Samundar Ke Looterey. Now the sequel (Dead Man's Chest) has made an appearance as Ek Shaap Ke Chapet Mein!

And if you have a puzzle-solving brain, you can go ahead and try out The Da Vinci Code - Ek Janleva Rahasya suljhaiye aapke nazdeeki cinema gharon mein.

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Tanuj said...

my favorite is hum hain lajawab for the incredibles.