Friday, May 26, 2006

UP Newswatch

Three interesting news items:

June se kaun padayega ENT mein?
In Meerut Medical College, the ENT department has only one professor. And he is retiring on the 31st of May. Then what?

Char badmashon par inam ghoshit
Four criminals on the run for a murder in Baghpat district now have a price on their heads. A princely Rupees Two Thousand Five Hundred Only. Jo inhe zinda ya murda pakdega, unhe yeh rashi milegi! 2500 bucks for dead or live? Sounds like a contest... Kill a criminal, get a DVD player free!

Pati ko peetkar boli: Main to Mumbai jaakar bar mein nachoongi
Man lodges complaint that his wife - whom he married after the dance bars in Mumbai were closed down - now wants to go back after the HC order lifting the ban!

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