Saturday, June 24, 2006

The Truth in Advertising Hoardings

I was whispering it under my breath, murmuring it in football addas and desperately praying for it. I was not saying it on my blog, only quietly tucking it away in comments on other people's blogs.
I was hell-bent on making the advertising hoarding come true...
Then Japan scored in the 34th minute. My crossed fingers looked in imminent danger of being permanently crippled.

Then the cross from Cicinho. And the Phenomenon burst into life. A nod of the head... and it was his 13th goal of the World Cup.

Suddenly, the Samba came alive.
Ronaldinho's ponytail was jauntier. Kaka looked handsomer. And even Roberto Carlos seemed to be growing some hair!

Juninho Peramwhatsisname joined in the party. Gilberto sneaked in one more.
And just when we thought it was all over, Ronaldo got a pass facing the opposite direction of the goal. He turned around faster than any other 90-kilo man in the world possibly could... and gave Ghana a lot to think about!

The best move of the day however did not result in any goals. It was a jazzy one-two between Ronaldinho and Ronaldo, which was ultimately shot wide. But the smiles the two exchanged after that dazzle underlined the magic.

Ghana. Spain. Portugal. Argetina.
Pay attention to the Nike hoarding that I was praying about.
There is the famous bald pate from the back. The Number 9 in green on a gold background. The 7 letters of his name just above it.
And on top, there is one line... DON'T WRITE MY HISTORY JUST YET.

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Annddy said...

Personally the two R's are yet to light the world cup up for me, wonder if they have been to well "advertised" that teams have worked to nullify them !!!! BTW check out this article....