Thursday, June 22, 2006

The Twens of June

June 22, 1986
This is the day a Hand of God helped Diego Maradona.
This is also the day El Diego atoned for that help by scoring the most breath-taking goal in World Cup history.
And thereby, took over Pele’s crown. (Thus spake Valdano!)

June 20, 1996
This is a day after Navjyot Singh Sidhu boarded a flight from England.
This is also the day a quota candidate from Calcutta and a dour defensive batsman from Bangalore made their debuts at Lord’s.
Their 131 and 95 meant that the batting God of India had become a triumvirate.

Every ten years, this time of the year becomes conducive to the birth of stars.
Today, there is a football match starring Brazil. There is a cricket match starring India.
And I am waiting with bated breath for the sighting of the star that is going to rule our lives for the next decade…

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udayan said...

I think, the star you are looking for is Hrithik Roshan. His movie "Kkkkkkrishhhhhh", which is based on the true story of a long and high jump champion opens tom :)))

I am assuming the second entry is based on the wonderful Harsha Bhogle article. In case there is a slim chance you have not read it ... here it is.

And for a completely one-sided article about Dravid's ten years which is strangely silent about Gangs look at this ...