Monday, July 31, 2006

In the Name of the Father... Part IV

When does the tension end?

I take my ignorance of finance to extreme heights. As a salaried individual (with a wee bit of confusion... two jobs in one financial year), all I need to do for my tax returns is to add up my two Forms XVI.
I - however - fax the two forms to my dad in Calcutta, who does the calculations, fills up the Saral, xeroxes the documents I need to attach, ticks (in pencil) where I need to sign and sends the whole bunch back to me! I put the whole thing in an envelope and stand in a queue (for 7 mins) to complete the winning run. Even in this, I almost managed to screw up by using a wrong sized envelope!
Net net, I do not get harassed by the IT department alone. I drag my family into the whole sordid ritual.

In between all these, I had several conversations with my dad. After the obligatory imbecile-proofing of his already idiot-proof instructions, he asked, "How's Tina?"
"Okay", I said, "She is fine health-wise but with the baby kicking the shit out of her and all sorts of other aches & pains, she is extremely tense and dying to deliver. Once the bugger comes out, only then will the tension end."
My father sighed. The 59-year old said to his 32-year old son.
"The tension never ends." Click.

A sobering thought. Now, what do I look forward to?


Anamika said...

i got to ur blog thru mad momma, who happens to be a friend frm college.and so i know tina as well. anyway, jst to express appreciation of all u write...having killed off my blog with laziness as an active weapon, i now trawl around other ppl's blogs...and your writing has me coming back!

udayan said...

Advice on Form 16 ... don't change jobs.

Advice on the other issue ... ummmm .... nothing.

jedi said...

but then again, what would life be without all the tension..

and btw nerd and geek mean the same. both slang;
single-minded or accomplished in scientific or technical pursuits but is felt to be socially inept...
only differential is nerd gets to be 'unattractive' and geek clumsy.

the mad momma said...

ah.. jedi and anamika are here!
only a father to be can imagine the "tension will end"...
ask us.. 14 months and we are very clear on there being no end to the tension....