Friday, July 21, 2006

Inhi Blogon Ne...

When I tried to access my blog, I could not do so. Neither could I access any other specific blog on However, I could access, which is the home page, log in to my account and make a post. Only difference is that I could not read my post. The rest of the world can.

So, if the basic purpose of the government ban is to stop dissemination of ‘seditious’ information, then that has failed spectacularly. We have not managed to stop Al Qaeda (or whoever exposingtheleft or hindunity are!) from spreading the message, we just about managed to stop them from making formatting changes!
Of course, there is a scarier thought here… In the whole of India, isn’t there a single software engineer who can block a particular part of a domain name? Do we need to block ALL of blogspot instead of just 5 particular pages? I mean, this is strangely reminiscent of Hanuman bringing back an entire mountain instead of one herb!

Of course, I will not get into the ideological debate as to whether it is right to censor a site or not. Because, someone (in this case, the government – and along with them, the ISPs as well) who does not have the aforementioned technical competency would surely not able to comprehend any logical argument put forth on this issue.

So there I am… banned!
Thanks to all the blogs who discussed matters which are ostensibly more important than Gulzar's lyrics and Amitabh's doctorate... I mean, do we really need to 'expose' the 'left'? Chill down, guys... and I will tell you this wonderful story on how the name of the film - Mr Natwarlal - came along!

I am sorry I said Brazil would win the next World Cup and not India.
I am sorry I put a photograph of Zidane and not Sachin.
I am sorry if I have made communally biased statements while talking of Hindi film names!
I will never do it again… and now can I please have my blog back?

PS: A colleague just said that I deserve to be banned for the atrocious pun I have made in the title! Har har de har…

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nilendu said...

Try -- that worked for me at the start of my career to surf the then "banned" sites ;)