Monday, July 10, 2006

Runglee Rungliot

As a fanatical Brazil supporter, I had seen this bald man condemn me to a cumulative wait of 8 years... So, why did I feel inexplicably sad when I saw this picture? I mean, served the bugger right for running circles around Ronaldo, no?

But then again... as a fanatical Bollywood fan, if Materazzi did say what the media is reporting, Zinedine Zidane did not behave like a bull. He behaved like a hero. Like all men of epic proportions, he did not do what the world wanted him to do. He did what he felt was right.

A momentary madness... a history of on-field rage... suicidal tendencies... all that are fine. But you do feel more than a twinge of sympathy who considers his personal honour to be bigger than the biggest prize of the game.

As for Runglee Rungliot, it is the name of a famous tea-garden in North Bengal. It means... This Far And No Further.


the mad momma said...

The OA has been in depression since The Event. You know he wanted to name the brat Zinadine.. only fear that his father would fly down from Calcutta, rip him limb from limb and feed him to the vultures kept him from doing so.

nilendu said...

Try this link my Brazilian fan -

Space Bar said...

dipta, i am a zidane fanatic and no one was happier than i when france reached the finals...but really--i think i fall into category 3 described here! :Dala