Wednesday, August 02, 2006

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This is a belated response to an earlier tag.

I am just back from Kanpur, where I spent the day trying to undertsand the evil machinations of the newspaper hawkers’ union.

I said some of the expletives I learnt from Omkara and I think the sales team looked at me with new respect!

I want to watch Amar Akbar Anthony. After depressing work days, I desperately need to see Amitabh come out of an Easter Egg!

I wish I was James Bond.

I miss the most beautiful city in the world.

I hear that the pesticide controversy is making a comeback – and I am glad that I won’t be losing sale because somebody else is pissed with MNCs spending money on Kareena Kapoor.

I wonder why all superheroes wear their undies over their trousers. I mean, what is the logic behind this trend?

I regret never having written a letter to Satyajit Ray. Given his habit of replying to all his fan mail personally, I would have had a collector’s item to die for!

I am a parochial Bengali and I believe Sourav Ganguly should return to open in the one-dayers.
I dance only when I am drunk!

I sing very badly – which is a pity because I come up with so many parodies of songs that I wish I could sing them myself!

I am not Baji Rao. (This is a play I wanted to see but never managed to.)

I cry whenever Amitabh Bachchan dies in any of his movies.

I’m not always blogging. Most of the day, I am getting screwed at work!

I make with my hands my diary – in which I write about my day. I have been doing this for the last 17 years now.

I write well (or, so my friends tell me). But nobody will ever pay to read what I write.

I confuse the GK-I and GK-II markets. So I agree to go to one thinking there will be a bookshop there and am greeted by strange looking shoe-shops! I also confuse Vasant Kunj and Vasant Vihar!

I need to watch Nishabd first day, first show.

I should write a screenplay about a love-story set in Calcutta - about a Bengali girl and a Tamil boy. I will put in all my college jokes... and invent a few more!

I tag nobody. This is a silly game!
Actually, I would like to tag Udayan - but he will fly down all the way from Bandra and strangle me!


Dilnavaz said...

That was an interesting read. I missed watching "I'm not Bajirao" too!

sleepless said...

i wonder why not many ppl comment on ur blog......may be if u had blogged abt some high funda political thing pl would have poured their thoughts like anything as this prove the commenter is more intelligent.....but to tell u ur writing is just marvellous n i m sending the url of this blog to everyone in my address book......