Thursday, September 07, 2006

The September 6 Kid

The mom shares her birthday with Sharon Stone and Osama bin Laden (snigger snigger!).
The dad shares his with Bryan Adams and Mahmoud of Ghazni (him too?).
But, the kid has managed to avoid the undesirable despots - and catch an entertainer of his own.
Roger Waters was born on 6th September too.

Since there was a slew of birthdays around the expected date of delivery, it was naturally expected that the kid would share its birthday with one of them. In fact, I subscribe to an unproved theory of traits getting shared by people who share birthdays.
So, the kid could have been born on the 5th of September - and been a fiercely independent spirit like Debanjana Chaudhuri.
Or, on the 9th - and been a diligent and dutiful person like Sameer Guha.
Or, on the 10th - and been fun-loving charmer like Arijit Lahiri.
Or, on the 11th - and been a study in humility and intelligence like Anirban Banerjee.
Instead, he chose to avoid all that - and have a date of his own.

And maybe a few years later, somebody else will hope that his kid is born on 6th September because of this guy... and that would be as much as I can hope for the tadpole, whom everybody is calling my son!


OrangeJammies said...

Heeeeyyyy!!! He's here! Congratulations to you and Trishna!
Guess we won't be seeing you around as much...or maybe we'll see you a whole lot more now that sleep is a thing of the past! :-)

Anonymous said...

The tadpole/ET-look alike/your son already has a doting uncle, Nitin, who now has yet another reason to gush over the new nephew. "He shares his birthday with Roger Waters!!!!!!!! How cool is that" said the music maniacal uncle.
The aunt (me) is simply ecstatic by the fact that there 'is' the nephew.
I can hardly hold back my tears imagining the nephew strumming his toy guitar and running around the house singing "I'm a chocccolate-a man, aha catch me iss you can, baba, i'm a chocccolate-a man..." like his dad :)
Yes of course this is a second hand story handed down to me, since i'm the dad's 5-yrs younger sister. But this nonetheless is an unmistakeble memory I always relish about the 'now dad'!

May blessings be showered on the l'le un!


Gautam Ghosh said...

hmm.. or he could have been born on the 8th and become as famous as me ;)

Anonymous said...

many congratulations, trishna and dipta. you don't know me, dipta. trishna and i went to undergrad college together. chanced upon your blog, knew your baby was due sometime now, and am so so happy to read this news! do pass on a congratulatory hug from me to trishna. i look forward to seeing pictures of the little guy:)
what are you going to call him?