Saturday, November 04, 2006

32 Things To Do Before I Die

1. Meet Amitabh Bachchan.

2. Eat a full-course meal (with wine) at Zodiac Grill.

3. Teach my son to read Bengali.

4. Visit 221B Baker Street.

5. Buy The Complete New Yorker.

6. Write a paid piece for a mainstream newspaper or periodical.

7. Own the complete collection of Satyajit Ray movies on DVD.

8. Take my wife to see my school and college.

9. Attend the Calcutta Book Fair. Again.

10. Donate some of my books to a literacy foundation / library.

11. Deliver a lecture on sales & distribution at XLRI.

12. Watch a World Cup match starring Brazil live.

13. Visit Jaisalmer and see the Shonar Kella.

14. Party on one of the Bollywood Nights at Zero G in Bangalore.

15. Go on a holiday to Leh.

16. Stay in a houseboat. Either Kerala or Srinagar.

17. Drink myself silly at a party with all the VBs.

18. Watch both the Sholays back to back.

19. Meet Sourav Ganguly.

20. Walk back home after watching a movie at Nandan.

21. Solve a 5-Star difficulty Sudoku.

22. Be vegetarian for a week. Continuously.

23. Qualify for the finals of an open quiz. In Calcutta. With my original team from college.

24. Audition for Mastermind India.

25. Have a meal at Bukhara.

26. Attend a full night performance at the Dover Lane Music Conference.

27. Go back to Dibrugarh. Where my maternal grandparents used to stay.

28. Ride in a convertible. With the hood down.

29. Attend the month-long course on film appreciation conducted by the FTII Pune.

30. Take a history walk in Old Delhi.

31. Stay at the Amarvilas, Agra.

32. Update this list every year.


nilendu said...

A very very happy birthday Dipta! That said this list is a bit premature to make. Let's look at this 32 years from now.

Nitin said...

Happy Birthday!
Good luck with the list


OrangeJammies said...

Oh! It's b-day for you! Happy Birthday! :-)
I did a similar list on my blog. Called "Before I Bid Adieu".
Hope it's a long long time before you do!

VB Lakshmi Narsimhan said...
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trishnachaudhuri said...

Happy Birthday.. husband dear....

Your list makes me smile... coz i could have guessed most of the things you want to do..... and well you have managed to shift a few things from the"to do list"... to the 'have done list' already...
way to go...

udayan said...


Point 17 is the hardest on your list. Sigh !

a tall bihari said...

I raise a toast to #17. Cheers and HBD !

the mad momma said...

I'll buy you that dinner at Bukhara if you take that Saurav Ganguly point off.. come on...!!!

Gautam said...

happy birthday dude !