Thursday, March 15, 2007

Thinking Blogger - Who, Me?

So, I am a Thinking Blogger, thus spake Orange Jammies. Obviously, this is meant to be a compliment though I am really amazed that people think about my posts after reading them.
But I am a little confused on what people think about. Nilendu obviously thinks I have lost it because of the Kunal Kapoor goof-up! But what about the others?
Do they think which are the best sizzler places in Bombay? Or the best kabab joints in Delhi?
Do they wonder if Tiger (in Calcutta) is a cinema with an attached bar or is it a bar with an attached cinema?
Do they try to remember if there are films that have more than 4 songs that have been seen for movie titles?
What do they think after reading my posts?

Now, I have installed a map on the bottom of the page – and I am quite amazed at the locations of the readers.
There is somebody in South Africa (or maybe Lesotho) who comes (or came once) to this blog.
Three dots on Australia mean that somebody hopped across from Melbourne, Sydney and Perth. And wonder of wonders – somebody in Buenos Aires as well! He must be getting bloody irritated about the Brazil posts! There are three dots in mainland China (the country, not the restaurant) of which I can only guess one to be Beijing! Apart from that, there are a whole lot of dots spread across Europe, one of which looks to be on Greenland! Brrr!
What are they thinking?

The people (bloggers) who make me think are usually the ones who have me cracking up completely as well. Most of them are already on my blogroll so I think I will dispense with the small matter of tagging others. In any case, Udayan will kill me if I tag him one more time!
But I will live up to the reputation of the coveted award and give food for thought to all.

A couple of years back, Go 92.5 FM (the only FM channel worth listening to in Bombay) organized a quiz called Bollywood Ka Badshah. It was supposed to be the ultimate in Bollywood trivia – and it lived up to its name. Their on-air promos quizzed kings like Mozambique Ka Maharaja, Brunei Ka Sultan and when they failed to answer the questions, the punchline came – “Aap Mozambique Ka Maharaja ho sakte hain, lekin Bollywood Ka Badshah nahin…
The questions they used were intriguing enough for me to have written them down in a diary for research and development. So, as a Thinking Blogger, I have decided to put them on and make everyone think about it.

Here they are. Think. Scratch your head (or any other body part of convenience and comfort). You can even put your answers in the comments. Prizes? What do you think this is - KBC?

1. What is the designation on Amitabh Bachchan’s visiting card?
2. In the 1979 film Qurbani, Zeenat Aman had coloured her hair. Name the shade.
3. Who is the father of Anupam Kher in the film Saat Ghulam?
4. Actor Sanjeev Kumar had two cars. One was an Impala and the other Fiat. What was the number of the Impala?
5. In the film Kaho Na Pyaar Hain, how many times does Amisha Patel say “I Love You” to Hrithik Roshan?
6. Which was the first film to show the slow motion of an actress running in snow?
7. In the film Mastana Mausam, who says the dialogue “Boss Boss, police aa gayi”?
8. In the film Kasme Vaade, what was the power of Amitabh Bachchan’s glasses?
9. In which year was the movie Zaleel Rajkumar released?


Ricercar said...

Tiger? Never heard of it!!! Congrats on your award :)

Diligent Candy said...

The Netherlands here thinking - films, food, funny anecdotes...what more could one ask for in a blog! GREAT stuff...

Awaiting the answers to this quiz, I confess I don't know even a single answer - so shall wait till you put them up.

Cheers and thanks for stopping by.