Saturday, April 21, 2007

Jokes from Across the Vindhyas

My dear friend - Mr Arunkumar Balasubramaniam (boy, in Calcutta, they have addresses shorter than that!) - has requested me for a Tamil joke (just one, just one - he pleaded!) in this post.

Since, he is such a good friend, I will give him two! Three, if you count the one on his name!

Q: How do you start a South Indian race?
A: Reddy, Shetty, Po!

Q: Why are Tamils the horniest race?
A: Because, they greet you with 'Wanna Come'!

Har har! Hai koi jawaab?


Ricercar said...

lol @ the last one :D
are they really?

Beside_Yourself said...

what does "lol" mean ? i have seen this so many times ! pls teach this dinosaur the meaning of this. thanks !!

The Mad Momma said...

oh dear.. you just lost half your readership!

Anonymous said...

such sad ones mr. dipta kirti chaudhury. jokes in tamil not on tamil. and btw, you are comletely ignorant of how telugu speaking community might ask you to 'come' (pun intended)! shit! this might just start a civil war;-

White Magpie said...

har!! har!!

korak datta said...

Your joke just featured in a SRK flick... :-)