Saturday, May 05, 2007

Pathey-Ghatey: Roadside Humour from Calcutta

Seen/heard around Calcutta, during a recent visit:

* Large number of billboards for Nola Restaurant (which is a new chain serving "food for every mood" or some such arbit line).
Apparently, it has been started by the Khadim Group. This means they know the meaning of word 'nola' in Bengali. Why the f*** did they not use that in the campaign?

* Signboard on the first floor of Shoppers' Stop, which is the ladies section: "Aastey, Ladies."

* On a programme on Radio Mirchi featuring a 'nyaka boudi' (who does a killer imitation of Moonmoon Sen) about the injuries to the Indian cricketers at the Calcutta camp: "Hoo Haa India korey elo, Hoo Haa Ouch korey ferot choley gelo..." (Came with Hoo Haa India, went back with Hoo Haa Ouch!)


nilendu said...
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Aqua said...

lol...the shoppers stop sign is amazing and so typical of calcutta. i have always maintained that cal is one of the most gracious cities towards women.

Kaevan said...

how about providing translations/explanations for the first two for us non-bengalis?