Thursday, July 12, 2007

Hotel Freebies

Am just back from Agra. Yes, I must be the only person in the world who goes to Agra on work and gets single rooms with a Taj view! I deserve to be stuffed up an anaconda's arse... yes, yes - I have been told that already!

On a different note, the choices that one gets in these new age hotels are quite beguiling!

The ITC Hotel I stayed in this time offered me the following choices - Slim Rest, Supersoft, Cotton Comfort, Silk Cotton, Relaxed Support, Ortho Care, Air Care and Bath Comfort. In pillows. Aack!
Just when I thought these were different ranges of furniture and upholstery available in the in-house boutique, I was informed that they were pillows. And I may please contact the Housekeeping Manager if I wish to partake such hedonistic delights!
The last mentioned pillow is apparently a water-proof marvel of Slumber Engineering, which can be used for lounging in the bathtub. And to think, I checked in at 11:00 PM and checked out a 5:45 AM...

The Taj Group is also not missing any trick. They are offering the following choices in pillows:
Standard, Super Soft, Slim, Cotton, Energy, Spondi, Meditation, Tranquility and Peace.
Their range seems to be straight out of a Feng Shui book.
So many choices... As if, deciding between Kakori Kabab and Galouti Kabab at dinner was not bad enough!

On the other hand, The Landmark Hotel of Kanpur, a new Executive Floor has opened recently. And to lure the modern business traveler, a long list of the ‘free’ amenities provided is available at the reception board. They include (parentheses mine):
* Fruit Basket (Okay, not bad for a start.)
* Cookies (Excellent... chocolate ones?)
* Mineral Water (Thank you.)
* Soft Drinks (Not charged? What are you saying?)
* Packet of Wafers & Salted (sic)
* Chocolate (Slurp!)
* Buffet Breakfast (Ahem, the room rate is a bomb!)
* Tea / Coffee (You mean the electric kettle, don't you?)
* Toilet Kit (Hmm...)
* Slippers (Made of paper.)
* Hair Drier (Not for us to take away. The damn thing is chained to the wall!)
* Business Newspaper (Your eternal kindness...)
* Large Looking Mirror (So, is the mirror large? Or am I supposed to look large in it?)
* Wall Clock (Brilliant. So that I don't overshoot the checkout time!)

A colleague asked me to be thankful that they did not add the bed and the TV to the list! But of course...


Diligent Candy said...

The pillow names sound like something else ke names, for a sec there I was like Dipta haaaw!

nilendu said...
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the mad momma said...

gee dipta.. why do you only visit the boondocks.. how uncool.

the mad momma said...

umm.. point to be pondered. does an anaconda have an ass?