Monday, August 13, 2007

6 Unconnected Thoughts

Apart from mental calculations to figure out how many 2' x 2' tiles are required for tiling 590 sq.ft of floor space (with 4" skirting), I had the following thoughts over the last weekend...

1. Which other cricket team in the world do you have four batsmen who are considered the best of their generation, two who are considered the most promising and the leg spinner scores the only century of the series?

2. Why does Outlook – which is clearly the better newsmagazine on a weekly basis – screw up so spectacularly in its special issues? India Today special issues (year end, milestones, whatever) are just SO much better!

3. There is a movie set in Bombay in which the hero is called, well, Hero, the heroine Ghungroo, and the villain is called Babban. Why is this movie being compared to The Greatest Film Ever Made? Because both of them have a character called Sambha?

4. A friend of mine told me that in Golcha cinema hall located in Dariyaganj of Old Delhi, if you buy a balcony ticket, you have the option of getting a barber in for a haircut and massage. Is this correct?

5. Is 'Random' the most common word to be found in blog titles or the descriptions?

6. In cororate offices, a common refrain is heard to underline the simplicity of a problem – “Arre – its not rocket science, yaar!” What do they say for a similar situation in NASA?

Any answers?


the mad momma said...

2. i think they spend more time doing real stories than creating specials... and i mean that in the nicest way.

5. I would bet good money that it is.

6. I think they really get work done there. they dont need corporate jargon.

priya said...

2. because they are so out of touch with what people like to read, and how to write sans prejudice.
5 (a). Is 'crazy' the most common word to be found in the "about me"s on networking sites and blogger profiles?
6. Maybe they say "use a pencil". [reference to a popular urban legend which talks about americans working for one and a half years to make a pen that could be used in space, while the russians simply used a pencil].

Anonymous said...

6. maybe they say 'arre, its just rocket science, yaar!'


GettingThereNow said...

Tell me if you find a good answer. I have a colleague who used to be a rocket scientist in Russia before he migrated to the US. What do I say to him? I do like nV's answer though!

Lavs said...

what is the answer for the first question? Me and hubby discussed it for hours but nowhere near the solution.Eagerly awaiting your answer