Sunday, August 19, 2007

Copycat: Plagiarism in Bollywood

Heard Javed Akhtar recount a beautiful story on Mad Momma's least favourite TV show - Koffee With Karan.
Apparently, he went to this producer for his first ever script narration and the man listened to it without interruption. A nervous Javed Akhtar asked, "Sir, kaisa laga?"
The guy replied - "Darling, story to teri achhi hain. Lekin ek bada risk hain... Yeh kahani kisi bhi film mein aaya nahin ab tak!"

Thought the whole affair of plagiarism in Bollywood merits a post and came up with one.
Posted it here in a disgusting dispay of greed. You see, they are giving away 10000 bucks for the two best posts of the week!
So, read it there... But I am posting my next round of PJs right here. So, do come back!


priya said...

The Wiki article for basu chatterjee's chhoti si baat says that hitch is "inspired" by this movie. what say?

Diligent Candy said...

We are waiting for the PJs.

I had not been around your blog for a bit...and now I have plenty to read...excellent!

Spunky Monkey said...

If that be the case, Notting Hill couldn't have been made without Abhinetri. Or that stupid Pearl Harbor, without the not-so-stupid-but-mindnumbingly-long Sangam.
Then of course, the most famous one. ET and its more than coincidence-attributable likeness with The Alien (Satyajit Ray).

Spunky Monkey said...

Point is, this 'creative exchange' is more often than not two-way, but we seem to have taken it to steps a little too gigantic to attribute it to 'inspiration'.

Really nice blog, by the way.

Red Ginger said...

call it plagiarism or 'inspiration', i feel as long as a movie or a song entertains you, saat khun maaf :-) btw, of late bollywood has come of age..with films like Bheja Fry, RDB, Gandhi My Father,Honeymoon Travels, n the likes being made..

btw, where are the PJs ????

p.s. : bumped into your profile n thot of writing a few lines..

Dipta Chaudhuri said...

@ Priya: Brilliant. Chhoti Si Baat escaped my mind. Now that you mention it, it IS Hitch!

@ Spunky Monkey: Very few people come up with the Alien - ET connection.

@ Rest of You: Very busy. PJs coming up!

Yayavar said...

Bollywood is trash yard of stories from Hollywood.This post was nice information about mentality of Indian Producers.I had also written article on it.Please evaluate it..