Wednesday, August 15, 2007

What Am I Talking About?

MYB 3047.

Belapur - Rs 2.




Gulzarilal the postman.

Mausi ki devar ke saas...

Say You Love Me - Demi Roussos

M. S. Shinde


Girija from Pimpri village.


nilendu said...

1st hint -- typical DC gimmick, 2nd - 2 easy, 3rd - ok type, 4th - i didn't remember the name till u (recently) told it, 5th - ddlj-mm, so on..i don't remember the context of the 4rd from bottom though..some liftoff?

nilendu said...

i don't remember = i don't case you start shouting again ;)

Lavs said...

these are answers of some quiz questions???All I could recognise was Minerva....Harry Potter question....But what about the others?

priya said...

1. the number of the bike where veeru and jai sing "yeh dosti"
4. where the movie was shot
5. where the movie had its longest run(?)
8. the song which inspired mehbooba mehbooba
9. best editor award
10. veeru's imaginary child's name

sims said...

adding to the list by priya-

2.The fare in Basanti's tanga to reach belapur.

7."Waise humara naam basanti hain iske peeche bhi ek baat hain. Hua yeh ki jab hum chotese the to humari 'mausi ke devar ki saas' ne unse kaha ki yunki naam to har ek ka rakha jaata hain, lekin kyunki yeh paida hui hain basant main to iska naam basanti hona hi chahiye. So isi wajah se humara naam basanti pad gaya!"

Anonymous said...

6. The postman that brings the letter to Imam Sahab (AK Hanagal) about a job in a bidi factory for Ahmed.

11. The person who brings the message from Pimpri village that the arms supplier from whom Gabbar Singh bought arms is in town.

Dipta Chaudhuri said...

@ All: Yes. All of which leads to the movie that released on a 15 August 32 years back.

@ Anon: Girija was the toughest one. Good one!

Anonymous said...

wat about the 3rd one?

the mad momma said...

ha! satsang my errr.. left toe.