Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Old Friends

The really great thing about friends you go to college with is that – irrespective of the time gap you meet them after – you can just pick up a conversation as if there was no break!
I met two friends for drinks and dinner a few days back, who were with me in engineering college. I have been meeting one of them off and on but the other one, I met for the first time after graduation. Though we kept exchanging mails, we were meeting after exactly a decade.
But the conversation was electric…

Sample these snatches spread over the evening seasoned with large quantities of Bacardi.

About a common friend (actually, Mad Momma’s OA): “I had great respect for him in school because he was the first in our batch to write love letters.”

Recounting a bunked Physics lab: “No really… I did not switch off the mains that day.”

About cost-saving techniques: “When I got off the bus, I used to hand over my ticket to another guy – who would be sitting next to the window. So on one day, he did not buy a ticket. The next day, I didn’t!”

Retort to the above: “You are still like that! You are always doing really sidey stuff to get a Business Class upgrade.”

Suddenly: “You were responsible for their breakup.”

About an extremely eligible bachelor's reasons for not getting married: “Do you remember his boobs? There can’t be four breasts in a marriage.”

This was reminiscent of another time I was meeting another batchmate (from b-school) after a very long time. We were both feared far and wide for our inane conversations.
An excerpt:
Me: “Tera moving ka saara formalities complete ho gaya?
Him: “Arre, bahut fight chal raha hain… itna kaam baaki hain. Kabhi ghar ke peechhe bhagna padta hain, kabhi gaadi ke peeche.
Me: “Ghar ke peechhe kyun bhag raha hain?
Him: “Ghar ke peechhe ek garden hain. Wahan bhag raha hoon. Exercise ke liye.
Me: “Toh phir gaadi ke peeche kyun bhag raha hain? Kutta hain tu?

Ah – the inanity of youth!


dipali said...


priya said...

well, the last bit of conversation reminds me of the conversations between me and my friends.
me: open the windows da
friend: for what joy?
me: to let the sunlight in
friend: why do you want sunlight? wild animals should be kept in conditions that simulate the wild when they are in zoos (this was in the hostel)
me: photosynthesis... ma keeps telling me i must learn to make my own food.

OrangeJammies said...

lol! nice nugget about the OA! MM must be so proud ;0)

the mad momma said...

well to be precise, he was the first to put the college flag aside during march past and run across and give the girls marching by a love letter, run back and carry the flag again as though nothing had happened. hope i got it right!

@OJ: hah! proud of him - for letters he was bravely writing to some other chick?

Diligent Candy said...

@ Conversation - Very very funny...

@ OA - Bechare OA ground-work kar rahe the TMM ke liye ...talent ka appreciation nahee hai aaj kal...