Friday, October 19, 2007

Char Ka Chamatkar

Hey - I have not done a tag for a very long time! So, I will take one from my favourite fat blogger and do this tag. (Just in case you are wondering, Nilendu is my favourite thin blogger.)
I love lists and constantly make them in my mind - 10 places I have to visit, 7 books I have to buy, 5 things I have to teach my son, 11 roles Amitabh should do... this is just an extension of that.

Four Jobs I've Had in my Life
1. Maths Tutor (2-1/2 years) - When I was in college, I had expensive tastes in books and films. To fund that, I ended up teaching maths to little boys and girls on the verge of their Class X Board Exams. For 200 bucks a month, I used to teach them unitary method and quadratic equations - twice a week. I'd say that I did a rather good job of it since none of them flunked.
2. Food Critic (3 months) - For a little bit of money, I did reviews of a few restaurants in and around Delhi. I can't tell the name of the publication for which I did it because I am not supposed to.
3. Engineering Intern (2 months) - There is a general feeling among people (primarily myself) that I am a crappy engineer. That is 100% true but despite that, I did a two-month stint as an intern in a cooling tower company doing tests in a wind tunnel, calculating (I forgot what!) and even writing a computer program. They were impressed enough to offer me a job!
4. Salesman (8 years) - I have sold soap, toilet cleaner, shoe polish, soft drinks, hair oil, edible oil, instant noodles, newspaper, advertising space among other things in 9 different states of the country. In fact, the name of this post is actually the name of a sales promotion scheme I did!

Four TV shows I Love to Watch
1. F.R.I.E.N.D.S - I was a rather late convert to this no-brainer of a choice. When I did, I realised I was almost identical to Chandler - though I wanted to be like Joey when I grew up!
2. No Reservations - Anthony Bourdain is God. Actually, do they really pay him to go to all the exotic places in the world and stuff himself silly? Some people have all the fun, dammit!
3. Mastermind - The ultimate quiz show. No nonsense. No frills. Only the grey cells and a black chair.
Cannot think of any more. I liked most episodes of KBC (the Amitabh seasons) and looking forward to Bollywood Ka Boss.

Four Movies I Can Watch Over and Over Again
1. Sholay
2. Andaz Apna Apna
3. Deewaar
4. Gupi Gayin Bagha Bayin

Four Places I have Lived (in chronological order)
1. Calcutta
2. Jamshedpur
3. Chennai
4. Bangalore

Four Places I have been on a Holiday (in the last 3 years)
1. Nalagarh (Himachal)
2. Surajgarh (Rajasthan)
3. Thalassery (Kerala)
4. Calcutta

Four of my Favourite Dishes
1. Mutton Biriyani - Any one of Shamim's (Delhi) / Shiraz (Calcutta) / Paradise (Hyderabad) would do.
2. Shepherd's Pie
3. Macaroon Tart
4. Luchi - Aloobhaja

Four Websites I Visit Daily

Four Places I'd Rather Be Right Now
1. Venice
2. Kumarokam
3. Diva Restaurant (GK II - Delhi) - Suddenly, the memory of their Antipasti Platter...
4. Maddox Square (Calcutta) - Where else would a Ballygunge boy rather be on Ashtami evening, except the liveliest Pujo location in the world?


OrangeJammies said...

I just covered Diva as one of the top ten stand-alone restaurants in the country. But since I'm not your favorite fat blogger, I won't tell where I wrote it! Hmph!

Diligent Candy said...

:) Very nice list!

Found more things in common with you ....

The Line of Beauty said...

How many answers did you not get in BKB written? I have given up :((