Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Baby Products I Endorse: Diligent Candy's Tag

This is a belated post on a tag given by Diligent Candy on the baby products I endorse.
Gah! Since She-Who-Cannot-Be-Named-On-This-Blog is the other taggee, I guess I have become an expert by the Halo Effect. On one hand, GreatBong and Nilendu exchange notes on 1980's Zee telefilms on my blog. On the other, I am supposed to talk about baby products I use and endorse... Whatay identity crisis, I say!

Anyway, here goes...

Pigeon Wet Wipes is a dad's best friend. Evidence of any mishap - intentional or otherwise - can be literally wiped out with this wonderful invention, which is surely the most time-saving item of daily use.

As for diapers, Pampers beats Huggies hands down for no other reason but the fact that they have velcro fasteners. So, you ask? Well, for butter-fingered dads (like me) and super-acrobatic kids (like my son), getting the fasteners to fit the diaper is a game of trial-and-error. So, having a reopen-able diaper fastener ranks right up there with mobile telephones as the most momentous invention of all times!

Clothes - anything goes. And goes fine. And goes a very long way. I have yet to see an item of baby clothing which has got torn before it was outgrown.
And also because, we never bought a single piece of baby clothing. We just have millions of thoughtful friends and relatives, who have flooded us with the best brands of the world. But frankly, I am a bit of a klutz and could never make out what constitutes great baby clothing. Baby Levi's is really cool and I find it hilariously funny to see the Red Tab on a baby bum!

For the educationally inclined, books NOT made out of paper are recommended. I find that kids below two years need to sit on a page to get to the edge and turn it. Paper just cannot withstand this tensile force! So - cloth books, plastic books, squeaky books, water-resistant books, titanium-coated books are all what the doctor ordered. Again, content is not king.

Baby Einstein books are something everybody seems to be impressed by for their very 'with-it' attempt to teach colours with Impressionist paintings. I am, however, not very sure how much the kids understand these subtleties. Their TV shows are again very well-produced but may just appeal to adults better!
My son, for example, likes any book which has lots of textures. And any TV show that has rapid changes of colours and lights. That includes Tom & Jerry cartoons (now being reviled for 'excessive violence' by New Age parenting gurus), Disney shows (now being questioned for 'lack of educational content') and Bollywood music videos.
I guess all the fun stuff is getting stamped out in the hurry to win the rat race!

But the magic of Bollywood and its greatest star is there in the air - and catches everyone.
On SET Max a few nights back, as Dock Labourer No. 786 fought Peter and his goons, my son stood mesmerised. He watched unblinkingly - with an occasional gasp! During the particularly thrilling parts, he turned to see if I was watching and pulled at his own hair. At the end of it, he went and sat on the AC stabiliser. Had there been a table to put his feet on, he would have done that too.

MM forbids TV watching for infants. DC feels children below two years should not watch films. But yenna rascala... what to do?


Diligent Candy said...

Thanks for doing the tag :)

By the way what I had said was that kids below the age of 2 are not allowed into theatres here...considering my lad and I watched Sabah the other day I cannot claim to be such a purist!

The Mad Momma said...

err..I just forbid it to make the OA's life difficult :D

you should know that by now.