Wednesday, February 06, 2008


Nilendu and I go back a long way. I now know him much longer than most of my relatives. If I have to put a moment since I know him, I will put it at a time when I ceased to be a schoolboy and had not yet become a college student. He was literally the first guy I spoke to in college. It helped having adjacent JEE ranks!
Being at the bottom of a class together (though he was higher than me!) meant we knew more about each other and now we are bound by a mutual Omerta to protect our professional, personal and emotional lives.
It all started when the two of us were the only two watchers of a newly started Zee Cinema and has continued through the exasperation of two generations now. If he ever tells my son that Nayan Mongia is called Nine Mongia because he batted seven down then the exasperation will extend to the third generation as well!

Our thoughts were always identical. So much so that when we were chatting online, sometimes both of us typed the same thing simultaneously. This did not happen with years of hanging out together. It actually started from Day 1. In fact, no one could answer his 20 Questions other than me and vice versa.
Which is why I always wondered why he started a blog. After all, his comments on my blog were longer than some of my posts as he religiously captured everything I had missed. And I realised the futility of both of us having blogs when I discovered some search words turn up both his and my blog. Anything to do with Moonmoon Sen, Anandabazar Patrika and Mechanical Engineering actually.

So, on his birthday today, I noticed with some amusement that the search phrases that led people to my blog could well have led them to his. Some of them are...
* Posters of Lahu Ke Do Rang
* XXX Picture Only Calcutta
* www.anandabazar patrika
* Bollywood Trivia

And finally the one he would really like to do a dissertation on - "Moonmoon Sen Bed Scene"...
Wah! Kya Scene Hain!

Happy Birthday, Nilendu!


iz said...

Do you do Bollywood inside news also? I'm highly obssessed.

Dipta Chaudhuri said...

@ Iz: Yes, we do. Actually, that's the only thing we do!

dipti said...

first time here .. Had a great time - thanks !