Saturday, February 02, 2008

A Silly Game

Once upon a time, a batchmate and I - when we started to work for the same company - devised a silly game. This was some 9 years back and silliness seemed like a birthright at that point of time.

Anyways, my first boss was a gentleman by the name of Kapil Pillai. We realised (not a major one, I must say!) that the last three letters of his first name and the first three of his last names matched.
So we proceeded to find out more such names (see context of silliness above). The only condition being that the names must be Indian, realistic and a little challenging.
So Icarus Russell was out. So would be Dilnavaz Vaz. Ditto for Sundaram Ramamurthy.
I told you that it was silly game, na? Now, stop sniggering!

My first entry was the name of my dear friend, making it Indian and completely real but not very challenging since I did not have think about it - Anirban Banerjee.

I was reminded of this game today and thought of some new entries...
Pramod Modi
Pranav Navalkar
Nupur Puri

Any more bright ideas?


Anonymous said...

aman mansukhani
vimal malhotra
usha/vidisha/manisha sharma
dushyant antulay
karan/kiran randhawa

god... this is fun.

AnSVad said...

I had a realization about names back in school. There was this guy called Abyz. Din't take long to realize that it was the first two and the last two letters of the alphabet! Unfortunately this is one of a kind. No games here... Can't have an Abcxyz!!!

Anonymous said...

I have some one in my office mailing list called Gopa Gopalkumar !!

~nm said...

Nidhi Dhingra
Kumkum Kumar
Anusha Shankar
Mangal Galgotia

Homecooked said...

Neeraj Rajannan
Pratiksha Shah
Sheetal Talekar
Jennifer Fernandes
Vibha Bhavnani

OrangeJammies said...

Yazdin Dinshaw
Farzad Zadafi
Rustom Tomboli
Kuntal Talasarivala
Justin Tinwalla
Sushil Shilekar
Shobhana Bhanapurawala
Husain Saini
Duraiyya Aiyyappa
Tehmina Minawala
Roshan Shanmugham
Shaukat Katpitia
Shernaz Nazareth
Ira Irani
Riddima Dimapurwala
Jasper Pereira
Hardik Dikshit
Sukesh Keshwala
Aryaman Mandnani
Armin Minwalla
Mandar Darasha
Mohsin Singh

and I think Dilnavaz Vaz is perfectly legitimate, so there!

Kaushik said...

shakal kale