Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Elloyen Dioyen... Pointless Ramblings

British humour could well be one of the prime reasons for tourism to the country... ranking right up there with the Buckingham Palace and London Eye!

On a sight-seeing tour of London, these gems were heard:

"This is the home of the second Queen of England. However, you won't get to see him because Elton John is in LA at the moment."

"The inventor of the crossword is buried in this cemetery. To find him, you have to go 4 down and 3 across."

On the same sight-seeing tour, a completely piegon-less Trafalgar Square had me speechless. What will Amrish Puri do when he is reminiscing about getting back to mere Punjab ko? Bloody hell, how would Americans feel if somebody sunk the Titanic?
I know, I know... nobody needs to sink the damn ship but don't be pedantic. You are getting what I am driving at, right?

And for this monstrosity, there is this apology of a sign.

Does the Mayor realise that his tourism economy would collapse if Yash Chopra shifts his shooting for Rab Ne Bana De Jodi?


Anonymous said...

You were in London?? Why didnt you put that up on your blog, sort of tell us all you were headed here????? I could have met you, couldnt I??!! Hmmm............!!


dipali said...

The sorrow, the grief. Where did all the pigeons go?

Anonymous said...

Another obscure blog. What are you trying to say actually?


Sometimes I don't, sometimes I do said...

"Greater-Lond-on-authority"? Now what does THAT mean?