Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Famous Five!

The first one is from Filmfare and the second one is from Screen. Or, you could call one a Critics' Choice and the other the Popular one. And a thank you speech has been requested as well - on the lines of Dharmendra! Thankfully, I don't have too many people to blame for my misadventures on blogosphere.
There's Udayan - who made me start and then there's Mad Momma - who gave me traffic. In fact, both the gentle ladies who have given me the honour found me through MM.
Or maybe I should thank my Bosses (always a good idea!) who sent me on long tours, where most of the posts happened.
Thanking my wife (an even better idea!) is an option as well, for having to grin and bear it.
Then there's Amitav Ghosh to thank - for lending me the name and a lot of traffic (misguided souls who come looking for Antar and Murugan).
Thanking him is also in order - not only for having provided fodder for about 90% of the content but being the sounding-board for the other 10% as well.
Damn - I go on for eternity after saying I have nothing to say!

Now comes the difficult part, where I have to pass on the prize to seven other worthies. I can wriggle out of the chore by pointing the readers towards my blogroll. Or, I can tick off two names by giving the prize back to DC and ITW.
But instead I will take the opportunity to list down 7 sites, which I read regularly but have been lazy enough not to update my blogroll with.

And in alphabetical order, they are:

55 Words - This is where my Fetish of Pachpan started!

Calcutta, All the Way - 'We were all there once' and these guys have a wonderful sense of humour (not to mention, aesthetics) to prove it.

Ganga Mail - A Kishore Kumar loving Bong from Benares, living in Chennai. Enough said!

Jabberwock - Balanced, humourous takes on books, cinema, sports and life in Delhi.

Kookie Jar - a lovely collection of illustrations and designs, punctuated with pithy comments

Simple Desultory Philippic - Very erudite, very droll, very Bong.

Whatay - Sidin Vadukut's not-updated-enough blog on the Yuppie, Malayali way of life.


to Add (21 Aug):

Wait! Wait!! Wait!!!
Just when I thought that the award season has drawn to a close, two more have landed up - prompting me to change the title as well (from the earlier Ek Ka Do).
You could call them Zee and IIFA, if you wish!

Further Updated (1 Sep):

And the title of the post changes yet again (from One Two Ka Four) as Stardust has come in with yet another award. Really, this is quite stupendous!


the mad momma said...

everyone thanks me for traffic. why cant you thank me for all the wonderful reading i give you.. ???!!!


Anonymous said...

Heartiest Congratulations! You definitely deserve the award!

And, you forgot to thank God for giving you this wonderful opportunity :)


eve's lungs said...

Brilliant speech - but you forgot to thank your viewers ( ahem , readers ).

Arnab said...


I've been following your blog religiously for the last few months. And have also converted few friends.

I wanted to write you after I had completed entire omnibus.

But the occassion makes me clap, whistle and call "encore, encore."

Jio guru...cholchhe,cholbe...

Anonymous said...

The link to Mad Momma's blog leads to Udayan's blog...

Minka said...

Change the URL to MM's blog before she see it. Quick !

Dipta Chaudhuri said...

@ Anon/Minka: Did it. Psst, she didn't notice it!
Oh damn - we all talked about it!

the mad momma said...

gah. doesnt matter Dipta. everyone knows where to find me :p

Anonymous said...

Great post. Do check out Nutan's famous line from Saudagar at