Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Epics in 55

In response to a comment on this post, here are my 55-word takes on the two epics. Surprisingly, Ramayan was more difficult.
Now, making it infant-friendly in about 1000 words does not look all that daunting.Guess what? Mahabharat has 18 parvas. I will do each one in 55 words, bringing the total to 990!

Paandavs and Kauravs are paternal first cousins. Kauravs hate Paandavs, as they would inherit the throne. They defeat Paandavs in a rigged game of dice and have them exiled. When the Paandavs return, the Kauravs don’t return their rightful kingdom and a battle ensues. In the battle, the Paandavs vanquish Kauravs and ascend the throne.

Prince Ram’s stepmother forces King Dasarath to exile him, so that her son can become king. Ram leaves the kingdom with wife, Seeta, and younger brother, Laxman. In the exile, Rakshas King Raavan abducts Seeta. Ram goes to find her, assisted by an army of monkeys. Ram kills Raavan in a battle and reclaims Seeta.


Prithi Shetty said...
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Manasa said...

Waah.. Never came across anyone who tried epic 55.. Wonderful post. Loved it.. :)

NancyM said...

Way to go Dipta !!! Looking forward to Mahabharat in 990.

Its a shame there is such a dearth of infant literature in Hindi (though your earlier posts lead me to believe its not so in Bangla). Every time I come to India, I pull my hair in despair. Book stores are full of glossy books with lovely pictures and 1000 words stories...but only in English. Is that because Indian parents today do not value their children developing an appreciation of their mother tongue ? Or is it our continued fascination with anything firangi ?

JaiSiyaRam said...

There is an eight-line Ramayana that is available and recited by the devout. It is called Ramashtak Prarambh. The first four lines salute the Gods and the next four describe the main incidents starting with Lord Ram's vanavas.

Hey Rama Purshottama, Nar Hare Nariana Keshava
Govinda Garuda Dhwaja, Gunnidhe Damodara Madhava
He Krishna, Kamala Pate, Yadu Pate, Sita Pate, Shri Pate
Baikunthadhi Pate Charachar Pate, Laxmipate Pahimam
Aadi Ram Tapovan Aadi Gavanam, Hatya Mriga Kanchanam
Badehi Haranam, Jatayu Maranam, Sugriva Sambhashanam,
Bala Nridalam, Samudaram Taranam, Lankapuri Dahanam,
Pashchadra Ravana, Kumbhakarana Haranam, Aithedi Ramayanam