Friday, October 03, 2008

US Presidential Elections for JU Students

Entirely speculative. Slightly pointless post. Purposeful people to please avoid.

With the elections for the Most Powerful Person on Earth due soon, there has been a lot of ill-informed speculation on who/what the two sides - Democrats and Republicans - stand for.
For students (past, present and future) of Jadavpur University, here is a quick primer (culled from the chat transcripts of two ex-students):

American politics is like JU Engineering.
Democrat is Chemical Engineering - full of youthful pansies.
Republican is Mechanical. You are always looking for a scrape. No matter how much you screw up, you are proud of yourself.
And of course, if there is a good-looking woman standing for election, you vote for her. Period.


--xh-- said...

LOL - that was a fun comparison.. dont know abt JU, but imagined my college and it was equally fun

Sue said...


Delurking to tag you. Can you do it from a movie viewpoint please?

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