Monday, January 12, 2009

And, finally...

Now that Rehman has won a major international award (and an internationally acclaimed director has named a major Indian star in his acceptance speech), can we now please get over our colonial hangover and stop gushing? 

Actually, can we do a reverse? 
After all, the chances of Vishal Bhardwaj winning an Oscar is significantly higher than Danny Boyle winning a Filmfare! 


Anonymous said...

LOL! I am glad as an American that my beloved Indian talent stars are getting their due (so I will gush and gush and gush and cheer, and watch Award shows that I usually can't be bothered with); I agree COMPLETELY that Vishal Bhardwaj will be the first Indian to get an Oscar.

He would already have one if Omkara had been sent to the Oscars, I feel pretty confident about that.

Anonymous said...

by talent stars, I actually meant talentED.

Sorry. Was gushing :-)

Anonymous said...

Read some blurb in newsweek about Slumdog being a shoo in for the nominations at the Oscars.

Awkwardly though, although all the faces on screen are all brown, the ones that are anticipated to be nominated for the Oscars will still be almost all white.

Apparently the colonial hangover is still very real !


Roger Rabbit said...
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Roger Rabbit said...

@Dipta, @Memsaab:
Pardon me, but your article is quite misleading. What's the connection of Vishal Bhardwaj with Slumdog??

RaunaQ said...

Liked the line at the end :)