Thursday, April 23, 2009

Can they? Can't they? - IPL Post (2)

I imagine that I am watching the Rajasthan match with friends. Actually I am. Two of them on SMS and one of them on Yahoo.
As Mendis comes on to bowl, I can almost hear one of my college mates say, "Ajanta Ello re."

Shilpa and Shahrukh are both there to cheer their teams. Are they both sitting on the same balcony? Will Shahrukh throw her off?
Incidentally, Shilpa's sister is also there.

One good thing about the IPL is that you get to see really new, untested lads thrust into the international arena. Today KKR's opening bowler was Anureet Singh, who looks like the Jr Lucky from Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye! and is probably Amrik Singh's nephew or something. I think he bowled far better than Ajit Agarkar ever did. But that's hardly any compliment.

The question in the title does not refer to whether KKR will win the IPL or not. As a genial jethu says in the Nokia ad, "Tum bhi jeet sakte ho..."
It refers to whether KKR will be able to identify Fake IPL Player. The latest post has 482 comments and some 1210 followers (when I checked last)!
My initial guess was that its Akash Chopra, since he can write well and so does FIP. But then, it is such a no-brainer that Chopra wouldn't risk it. Unless of course, he has given up all hopes of continuing in IPL, cricket and India.
Now I think it is Sourav himself. He is probably not writing it himself but supplying the dope to someone in the media, who is posting them in a rather easy & racy style!
There are millions of reasons why it shouldn't be him. But only one reason why it should. Nobody else in the vicinity of the IPL has the balls to call India's most powerful star Badshah Dil**.


Nilendu said...

Dil do pagal hai

Roger Rabbit said...

Life comes a full circle when Shilpa took revenge yesterday on SRK after 16 long long years!

Anindya Chatterjee said...

Methinks it is a publicity stunt from the KKR PR machinery.

Anonymous said...



March Hare said...

dhur. here galo toh. :(

J. Alfred Prufrock said...

Entirely off-topic.
Have had you on my feedreader, but today a reference from some JUDE infants led me to your food-posts.
Oshadharon. No havering about ingredients, just a celebration of food. More, please!