Monday, May 04, 2009

Cry, Beloved City - The Last IPL Post

After Billu ceased to be a B*****, Knight Riders have ceased to be from K******. SRK loves repeating himself. So what's wrong with that? Even history repeats itself.
Apart from that, he has also claimed that he is not going to sell his team to anyone because of the 'emotional' investment he has made in the 'boys'. The last time he spoke with so much passion was when he called Sourav a 'dude' and said that nobody can replace him as captain!
So, Kolkata (or is it Kathiawad?) can look forward to welcoming SaharaShree Suboroto Roy as the new owner of the franchise.

Forgive my rants... but when you have seven teams (out of eight) in a competition standing within one point of each other halfway down, you know you have a lousy second half because your team is the one sure of coming last! 

So, I am reduced to wondering if anybody else will beat (K)KR's record of the lowest score in IPL and the biggest margin of defeat. 
And by dropping the city, SRK has at least made it easier for us to quietly slink away to other teams. 



March Hare said...

what? eto sohojei 'go delhi'? :(

also, shahrukh is rather strange. according to today's telegraph, he has said that he is enjoying the taunts and jibes since he hasn't been a failure or a struggler for such a long time! apparently it is a new experience for him! what a ridiculous thing to say!

it can be a new experience, but HOW is it even remotely enjoyable?

bollywooddeewana said...

Hello just dropping by to show some love,i read all your cinema bollywood posts today in one long go, and i couldn't stop laughing, i also picked up an immense amount of bollywood trivia, i just thought i'd share my love for your blog, and please more bollywood posts and keep up the good work

God Bless

Roger Rabbit said...

9 matches (after the Delhi match).
7 losses.
3 points (one day it rained harder=1 point, another it rained less=2 points, simple calculation really)
1000 dropped catches (some of them do not qualify as catch-attempts by the way)

What a saga !
Is there no way we can end this torture (for the players as well as our eyes) sooner, while the Team Boss is away dancing (no wonder they call him di**o)

Anonymous said...

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