Thursday, September 24, 2009

Culture Shock!

This is what Blogger's login page looks like, when you try from Oman!

If that was not enough to scare away a duo-cultural dehaati like me, an Arabic keyboard and the @ symbol hidden towards the right side of the keyboard (instead of the familiar 'above 2' - where the f*** is the double quotes key now? ) did the trick!

I guess a long post will happen only when I am back in any one of the two cultural cocoons I am familiar with.

Wishing everybody a great Pujo!


Anonymous said...

Maybe a comment in English will soothe those ruffled desi feathers? Have a great pujo, hope you get to spend at least some of it with family.

Roger Rabbit said...

Not only this, try typing "" in Oman (it happened to me in Dubai and so I am sure it would happen in Oman too) and wait for a bigger surprise!