Sunday, March 21, 2010

Bollywood in polite company

I spent a very nice evening today at something called Penguin Spring Fever (sounds like flu!), which had a Bollywood Quiz.
Now, I am very scared about discussing Bollywood in polite company since my enthusiasm for the subject makes me feel a little plebeian in front of gentry. Quizzes on Bollywood is something I steer clear of (unless Nilendu is involved) because the average Bollywood knowledge is so poor that 'What is the full form of DDLJ' is a legitimate question in most of them.

This quiz was a lot better though still so easy that the winner was decided not on the basis of who answered the most but who missed the least!
Of the approx 55 questions asked (15 prelims + 40 finals), I did not know the answer to 7 questions. Usually in Calcutta quizzes, the equation was the exact reverse. I used to feel good if I managed to know/guess 4-5 answers in an 8-round quiz!

One great realisation of the evening was my Bollywood Reflex hadn't withered away in disuse. I answered at quite a few questions purely on instinct, without really remembering/knowing the answer. For example, a song from Har Dil Jo Pyar Karega (of which I was required to identify the hero) evoked a reflex action of imagining Salman's slightly-crouching-feet-steady-top-half-swaying dance movements.
You hear the opening strains of a song and a chain of thought starts. Marching song. Army film. Electronic orchestration. Not old film. Many voices. LOC: Kargil. People get happy over simple things in life. That I executed this kind of chain 2-3 times during the evening was quite satisfying.

Also, I realised that - exactly like 'a little knowledge' - too much knowledge is also a dangerous thing.
After playing the LOC: Kargil song, the quiz-master asked which world record this particular song held. I, immediately, went into the cast, crew and location of the film and felt pleased when I answered, "It has been filmed at the highest altitude". But realised soon after that I was being too ambitious and silly. There is no way on earth a world record can be made on the number of singers or location of shooting. It is too damn difficult. The LOC song held the simplest record. At 12 minutes, it is the longest song ever.

For the information of all well-wishers, I finished a joint second (among four finalists) and was awarded 1500 bucks worth of books and a crown (literally) by Bob Christo. I picked up Sea of Poppies (by Amitav Ghosh) and Memory's Gold (an anthology on Calcutta, edited by Amit Chaudhuri).

For the information of obsessive, compulsive trivia buffs, here are other five questions that I missed.

1. This one was such a sitter, because my brain froze and I stopped thinking. Apart from Baazigar, Kuch Kuch Hota Hain, Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge, Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham and My Name is Khan, which is the only other movie in which Kajol and Shahrukh have acted together (as the lead pair)?

2. To whom is the 'Ram' in Ram Teri Ganga Maili referring to?
Hint: Rajiv Kapoor's name in the film was Narendra / Naren.

3. In Mohabbatein, Amitabh is shown reciting the Gayatri mantra. This seemingly positive scene evoked the wrath of right-wing activists, who asked for a ban on the film. What was the fuss all about?

4. Which young exponent of classical and fusion music composed the music for Mujhse Dosti Karoge? (audio clue)

5. Two hit films have opened with a scene of playing cricket. One was K3G, where Hrithik Roshan hit a six off the last ball of the match. Which was the other film?

That's it, then. Will post the answers in a couple of days.


Never Mind!! said...

Sadly, I know the answers to none of these. Googled and found #1 easily though. Is #5 Victory or Iqbal? Can't wait for the answers.

Kuntala said...

#2: The 'Ram' from Ramayana.
#3: Amitabh is not a brahmin.

KeepingItSimple said...

#1 is Karan Arjun

Debasish said...

I attended the Bollywood Quiz as well and I felt that the questions were really on the easier side.

Believe me, it was even more painful sitting out, having lost out on qualifying by one point and then watching such an easy quiz.

Of course not as painful as the 'Fake Bollywood Memorabilia Give-away'. That was really annoying. - Explore Indian blogs said...

Seems to be some better questions this time around..
Waiting for the answers..

sumit Das said...

1) Karan Arjun
2)Is it Ram the God?
3)They said he recited with his shoes on.
4)Rahul Sharma
5) Was it Awwal number?

You have got a really, really nice blog don't know what it is with bengalis:). I have been following you for some time now, but it is the first time I am commenting.
Keep posting.

Khalil Sawant said...

4 - Pritam Chakravarty's first film (with a musician-partner)

Arya said...

#2. Ram Krishna Pramhans..Check the title song that rolls during the opening credits.

Jaya said...

#5) Hum Apke hain kaun..may be?

rohitg said...

once upon a time I too was an avid quizzer (remember sid basu quiz time ) however was able to answer only 2 and 4 .need brushing up !

greatbong said...

1. Karan Arjun where an overweight Kajol sang "Khaati hoon main"
2. Some sant told this to Ramkrishna is what I recall.
3. Wearing shoes
4.Rahul Sharma, Shivkumar Sharma's son possibly
5. HAHK?

Dibakar Sen said...

Don't know what others feel but the questions you mentioned don't seem easy at all!

Is it an annual quiz? You said you were the joint second, who was the winner?

Anirban said...

#5 is difficult because it mentions "hit" movie. I can think of at least 2-3 movies but all flopped badly.

Anonymous said...

Firstly, Heartiest Congratulations on winning :)

Secondly, you are going to love reading Sea of Poppies; you might even be tempted to finish it in one sitting.

Thirdly, #1 "was" too easy; at least for you it should have been.


Diptakirti Chaudhuri said...

@ All: Greatbong has got all correct (and has provided a free Kajol joke as well)!

anand said...

Sonali Kulkarni is the answer to ur tweet quiz

the mad momma said...

hah! you owe me then.

BongLandLass said...

Howz Memory's Gold?