Monday, May 03, 2010

New Things

Nearly two years ago, I wrote out eight previews of books I wanted to read - then. In the ensuing months, I have managed to tick off all eight. Except that, they were in reverse order of desire. I just finished the first book on that list and the one I wanted to read the most.And that book threatened to be an all-encompassing, mind-numbing saga that my favourite author is capable of.
Having finished it about 15 minutes back, I have to choke back the emotions and wipe the sweat (as I did not have the will to get up and switch on the fan for the last 20 or so pages). Bengali zamindars, Bihari untouchables, American sailors, French botanists and British merchants are some of the brilliantly etched characters in this whirlpool of a novel - which I can not recommend enough or await the sequels more.

Therefore, ladies and gentlemen - in keeping with the promise I made, the name of this blog changes to Sea of Poppies.
For the time being.  Let's say, till my next post - about a week or so?
Because the original name is too representative of me and my ranblings to be permanently removed.

It is also probably the right time to announce that I am writing a book.
The 'little brother' of Penguin - Puffin - has contracted me to write a book - strangely enough, on cricket! I can see some of my close friends slapping their foreheads since my cricketing knowledge is dependent way too much on Awwal Number and Lagaan.
Well, this book is a companion/handbook for next year's ODI World Cup and to quote my editor, "it is supposed to be a fun compilation for teenagers. not as much as a purist's view..."
And purist, I am not!

So, here I am - soliciting ideas for the book.Congratulations and encouragements are also in order.
But ideas are most critical.
Remember, I am watching Mujhse Shaadi Karogi on Zee Cinema right now. And it won't do anybody any good if I end up writing about Harbhajan, Kaif and Nehra appearing in the climax of the movie!

I promise to blog oftener as well. If not my thoughts on watching Deewaar for the 73rd time, book updates will provide the fodder.


wanderlust said...

Hurray! Glad you're making this foray.
What's it going to be, fiction? nonfiction? or still deciding on that?
is it going to be a brief, fun history of indian cricket, with asides going all over the place, from bollywood to chicken 65?

but i think your real calling is rewriting indian mythological stories for teenagers. Even my grandmother with all her abilities didn't make the Mahabharata come alive for me like your posts did.

Never Mind!! said...

Another one bites the dust. At this rate I wonder if there will be any non-bloggers writing books anymore. But super congrats to you!! Since cricket is really not my thing, I wish your book is as much fun as your bollywood posts.

Sudeep said...

Owesum Dada! Now i'm looking forward for the book launch now...And how cool is THAT!

Sudeshna said...

Ahem, Mujhse Shaadi Karogi and Awwal Number in the book? Not a bad idea! Sudeshna

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! When is the book due? You MUST have a book launch session in Amchi Mumbai; that way, at least I get to meet you (have been diligently following your blog over the last year or so)


arnab said...

Was waiting earnestly for the news since a long time...I've been following your blog religiously...all the best...see you on the stands soon!

sharmistha said...

great news.i read your blog regularly and looove them.kept wondering when you wl write a book...congrats..

Kartik said...

Great news, this new book. All the best!! :)

FatBoySlim said...

All the best for the book.
regarding "about Harbhajan, Kaif and Nehra appearing in the climax of the movie!" - you can create a climax with bhajji, katrina kaif and nehra.

Sue said...


Cool, will look forward to it.

PV said...

Congratulations on the book !!

Long time reader - was sure that you'll announce a book deal someday, though I thought it would be along the lines of "The Unafraid Bollywood dictionary"

Fun compilation on ODIs for teenagers ?? Maybe you should structure content in SMS-ese

greatbong said...

All the best for the book. Will look forward to it.

Indrayan said...

superb...looking forward to it...