Monday, November 01, 2010

Father of the Groom

Fathers and girls have such affectionate chronicles of their relationships. Think Father of the Bride. Even, the Sony Handycam ad! Fathers and sons, on the other hand, have Shakti.

Back from a girl's birthday party, I realised that fathers and daughters are a different ball-game altogether!
My friend - father of two girls - was quite amused to see Joy's boy-giri. Eventually, he ended up dancing with Joy on his shoulders. Since he is a tall guy, Joy amused himself by plucking balloons off the ceiling. After this energetic routine, he said, "With two girls, you sometimes miss playing rough."
I kept quiet. I was just thankful that somebody was taking care of Joy while I sat down for the first time since my son woke up at 6:30 today.

Well, for me - colouring within the lines and cuddling are alien concepts. Of course, it doesn't help that if you had put all the boy-stereotypes in the blender and pressed the button, Joy would have come out.
He spits on his hands and takes a legs-apart-slightly-crouched whenever a football is in sight.
He beats up - or tries to - boys double his age (and three times his size).
He uses the banister instead of the stairs.
He likes vuvuzelas.
He is constantly perched perilously on ledges, edges, narrow railings, sharp objects and things usually associated with Alcatraz.

Now, let me tell you the scary part.
I was a terribly active kid myself. Despite being pot-bellied and totally unfit right now, the estimations required to jump from a bunk bed on to the bookshelf are still hard-coded in my brain. So when I see him plan the leap, I remain calm - which, my wife assures, is covered in IPC under 'aiding & abetment'. But I just know he'll be able to do it.
Having gone through a nerve-wracking accident (involving stitches on an open chin) last night, I also realised we do a lot of harm to him than he can do himself. 
And yes, he's fine now. He's telling everybody within earshot - "Blood came out like a volcano. But they stopped it with a rock."

All this leads to a mildly commiserating tone from everyone. When he is jumping from one table to another in a Pizza Hut (who have a red corner notice out against him), parents of girl children assure me it will get better.
What do they know?
My father - whose kid was similar - had assured me it won't.

And while on the subject, do take a look at this song. This is the best fathers and sons have got.


Anonymous said...

OMG!! I am dreading Ishaan growing up already! Let me cuddle him and smother him as much as I can before he grows up and says an emphatic NO and gets into all kinds of situation!

sraikh said...

I have 2 boys(and 2 older girls) and when the boys and spouse rough house, I close my eyes. When they take flying leaps from the playground structure, I close my eyes as well. And so if I dont see them doing it, it means they are safe.

But yes, boys so so different from girls!

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

As a mommy of two wanna-be superheroes,I can only nod my head vigourously and cluck sympathetically.

I've said good-bye to Mermaid-themed birthday parties and heart-to-heart tea-time chat sessions long ago.

While I miss the pink, I wouldn't trade the blue for anything in the world!

Lovely post!

the mad momma said...

well that poor friend of yours needs to see the bean in action. she's worse than most boys (joy excluded!)

Lalit said...

Hey take care you three. Get well soon.

Minka said...

I so agree with you. My 5and half year old has two upper teeth missing since he was 2 and half years old ( gone in two separate incidents - both involving dancing on furniture, slip and chip ) and my eyes glaze over when someone enquires " what happened?"

He's also fascinated by volcanos, earthquakes and other natural calamities. Unnatural as well, I should add .