Saturday, December 25, 2010

Proud Father

I went to my son's school this week to get an end-term report of my son's progress.
Nowadays, schools insist parents land up once every term (that's at least twice a year) to know how the kids are doing in school. I spent 12 years trying to keep my parents away from school and was quite successful at it (since my parents never turned more than 2-3 times in that entire period and that too, once because I had to be almost physically carried because of an illness). So, this whole thing is very scary.
For the kid and the parent.

More for the parent, because I am very unsure of the politically correct terms used to describe children nowadays.
I was 'disobedient'. My son 'has a mind of his own'.
I was 'naughty'. My son is 'physically active'.
I was 'unsocial'. My son 'takes time to make friends'.

Anyway - while browsing through my son's workbooks, I spotted a few interesting things on the pages and took pictures. Here they are...
(Disclaimer: Interesting may only apply to certain individuals viz. the parents of the child.)

I think I am most proud of the last one... Mind of his own, indeed!


Abhishek Mukherjee said...

We're like-minded. :)

I'd have felt the proudes about the last one as well!

Lalit said...

Looks like ur son has found a good teacher who liker her / his subject and kids.

Rimi said...

Joy to the world, indeed. Once our English teacher worded a question carelessly ("Can you justify Shylock's actions blah"), and received a solid, unambiguous "No" from me. And then she couldn't understand why I'd want a 10 out of 10 for it.

Good thing I was bored and had answered every single question on the test when we only had to answer a couple, or my mum would have been hauled to a meeting for sure.

Anonymous said...

I second Abhishek. I’d have been proud of the last one too!

the mad momma said...

erm. what does your wife have to say about the last one? or is that irrelevant?

svety said...

haha.. more power to the last one indeed...but ure right...and 2 times a year..u've got it lucky...i'm running to school once every month for some assembly or open house or other wierd stuff...i can't for the god of me understand why so much intervention is needed..we turned out all right, right :) ?

innerspace said...

I like it.