Monday, July 11, 2011

100 Days

Having just drawn a Test match that could have got us an unbelievable 2-0 win over the mighty West Indies in West Indies (because we didn't want to chase 86 runs in 90 with 7 wickets in hand), it is difficult to feel very happy about Indian cricket.
But then, I have to remind you that it is exactly 100 days (down to probably the hour) since Mahedra Singh Dhoni carted Kulasekara over mid-on and ended a 28-year old wait. As I tweeted that day, "We have waited for longer than Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison or James Dean has lived".

This World Cup was brought alive by many friends and unknowns across the globe, through Facebook and Twitter. So, on the Official Celebration Day of a movie (as dictated by Bollywood), I thought of recounting the World Cup through tweets and FB statuses.
Feel free to add on yours...

rameshsrivats - 7 Feb 
If you look at our recent captains, perhaps Sourav gave us a spine, Kumble gave us a heart, and Dhoni gave us balls. 

diptakirti - 9 Feb
Rahul Bhattacharya hoping, India will win one match more in 2011 than they did in 2003. Magical.

diptakirti - 15 Feb (Morning radio had a surprise RJ - MSD!)
Factoid of the day: MS Dhoni's mother-in-law's name is Sheila. But that did not stop him from playing Sheila KJ as RJ on Mirchi!

diptakirti - 17 Feb (Cricket's biggest stage was getting set and all I could think of was IPL.)
Bangladesh hosts its biggest opening ceremony and I missed it. All I know is that Sourav Ganguly wasn't picked here either.

spymaami - 18 Feb 
Created fantasy team with 11 hot players. Hoping that at least 30% of them take off their shirts.

sidin - 19 Feb (Cricket was not on everybody's minds.)
I have a fantasy league also. But not comprising cricketers.

eyepeeyell - 19 Feb (during the India-Bangladesh match)
Considering he wrote both anthems, who would Rabindranath Tagore support?

When the India-Bangla match ended, my friend Koustuv forgave them for the upset from 4 years back: 
"2007 Khoon Maaf" 

diptakirti - 21 Feb (by this time, the Hindi news channels had gone mad)
Dear Aaj Tak, do not use phrases like 'Rok sako to rok lo' already. We have beaten only Bangladesh.

diptakirti - 27 Feb (England had us on the mat and guess who scored a century? Again.)
All this while, we were saying 'win it for Sachin'. Now, we should say 'Sachin, win it for us'.

diptakirti - 2 Mar (2 days later, England was done in by Ireland while I did a bit of channel surfing)
TV is bursting with adrenaline - Dhoom on SET Max, Ghayal on Star Gold, Karma on Zee and above all, Ireland on Star Sports.

diptakirti - 15 Mar (I had just finished the best cricket novel ever. Chinaman by Shehan Karunatilaka)
World's greatest cricket team: Hobbs, Gavaskar, Bradman, Richards, Border, Sobers, Akram, Lindsay, Barnes, Lillee, Pradeep Mathew #Chinaman

diptakirti - 17 Mar (After the South Africa match)
#youprefer for last over: Ashish Nehra or Chetan Sharma?

misschamko: - 18 Mar (Ahead of the West Indies match, a spoof of the Airtel ad becomes a serious question)
To the indian middle order. Aaj kal ek nayi beemari aayi huyi hai. Are you there?

diptakirti - 20 Mar (And despite winning against WI, I remembered their Last Action Hero)
I am remembering Vivian Richards and feeling incredibly sad.

diptakirti - 24 Mar (Panic had taken over on the morning of the QF against Australia)
Yaar, let's decide today's match by SMS voting.

samitbasu - 24 Mar (Others were invoking mascots!)
Win today, India. Win it for Bob Christo.
diptakirti - 24 Mar (While my panic increased manifold)
An ad for slimming 'Motapa se Mukti'. I read it as 'Motera se Mukti'. Calm down. Deep breath. In out. In out. IS VIRU PLAYING OR NOT?

diptakirti - 24 Mar (Though it all turned out fine in the end and enthusiastic Amdavadis celebrated in style) 
And nine years later, people still celebrate an Indian victory the way it should be... By taking off the shirt and twirling it in the air!

diptakirti - 25 Mar (In between, people wrote perceptive articles) - An amazing join-the-dots article by @sidvee on India's Y Factor and Z Factor.

diptakirti - 26 Mar (A few days before the SF, I saw yet another ad.)
Just saw an ad. Side profile of a face I've been seeing for 22 years and three words - Bring it on. Yes Afridi, bring it on.

ZaltzCricket - 27 Mar (And at Ground Zero, this was somebody's idea of a joke)
Greetings from the PCA, Mohali, where the Indian team is practising. And looking worrying out of form. They are practising football, though.

Sacredinsanity - 28 Mar (Gulzar responded thus to entreaties to work)
India-Pak match ke din aap humse kaam karwayenge? Ghar aiye, match dekhenge. Shayad wahin se lyrics aa jayenge

diptakirti - 30 Mar (I was dying on the morning of the match)
Dear Chest Muscles - relax, loosen up. The match is still five hours away.

diptakirti - 30 Mar (The One in Which Ashish Nehra Redeemed Himself)

diptakirti - 30 Mar 
Afridi, great job done. But the original 18-year old had to win today. Sorry.

rameshsrivats - 30 Mar
If Ind beats SL in the final, we'd have beaten all past champs in our last 4 games. In the order in which they won.

ImZaheer - 31 Mar 

ikaveri - 31 Mar (Somebody provided the perspective)
Patriotism: painting ur face & screaming urself hoares? Ask d jawan who spent last night on a cold, lonely post ready to take a bullet 4 us.

iPoonampandey - 31 Mar 
and the Countdown begins :) Stay tune Stay Raw

diptakirti - 1 Apr
Mirchi playing the perfect thought for the Cup: tere bina zindagi se koi shiqwa to nahin. Tere bina zindagi bhi lekin zindagi to nahin.

diptakirti - 2 Apr
Roses are red, violets bleed blue (from @sidin). I am dying of tension, what about you?

148isme - 2 Apr (Some people in the US needed help in explaining cricket to the Yanks)
Need of the hour- an Amar Chitra Katha book on Sachin Tendulkar. Boy, it takes too much to explain to folks otherwise.

diptakirti - 2 Apr (My sister-in-law believes in preparing for a match.)
Chips and tri-colour dip! Bring it on, Sanga!!

148isme - 2 Apr (Some bowlers didn't click that day. Like every day.)
Munaf Patel - RFM. Zaheer Khan - LFM. Sreesanth - WTF.

diptakirti - 2 Apr (Yuvi was capping an already fantastic World Cup with some breathtaking fielding.)
Wow! Yuvraj - 1. Gravity - 0.

diptakirti - 2 Apr (While everybody was depressed at the early fall of wickets, I had a thought.)
Rajini to come three down. Kamalhaasan to be his bat.

diptakirti - 2 Apr (But there was a bigger gun-slinger in town that day.)
Anhoni ko Dhoni kar de?

diptakirti - 2 Apr (In the end, it was...)

diptakirti - 2 Apr
*hand* @sidin: Hand. “@thecomicproject: *hand* RT @doomoo: Ok who all on this timeline shed tears? Show of hands. *hand*”

Stunning, no?

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