Saturday, July 09, 2011

Lines We Love to Say

Some time back, I did a post on my favourite dialogues from Hindi cinema. Iconic they were but I found most of them weren't very useful in real life. For example, I have never heard anyone say "main aaj bhi phneke hue paise nahin uthata" - however much we wanted to say it, though.
On the other hand, many not-so-dazzling lines have come to occupy a prime position in our daily conversation. Even if I don't include Sholay (which is something like an all-occupying behemoth in our lives), there are so many funny/sad/romantic lines from movies that we keep on saying. And saying. And saying...

In the mythological times, a self-righteous, forever-truthful man tried to restrain his muscular younger brother in extenuating circumstances. In the mid 1980s, a crazy bunch of people made a film with that situation
and gave words to it - "Shaant gadaadhari Bheem, shaant!"
I have heard people say it when some novice offered to take large sales targets. People have said it to diffuse heated arguments. I now want it to be said in a film. Maybe in a love-making scene, the lady could say it to temper the passions of her beau. Oh - by the sizzling scissors of Censors - what a scene it will be!

You realise how iconic a film is when you hear so many of its phrases making it to everyday lingo.
How many times have people coaxed you to eat more by saying "thoda khao, thoda phneko"?
Ever since a Time magazine photographer who appeared in the earlier film told us about the abundance of food in USA, we knew that when we were eating well, we had to throw some food for every piece we eat.

Food – specifcially cake – is the great Indian obsession.
Be it the Time magazine photographer or the guys from SoBo, we are willing to go to inordinate amounts of trouble to get cake.
Every birthday party I’ve been to has had its share of interlopers and whenever a frowning look has landed on any of them, they have always stated the truth… cake khane ke liye hum kahin bhi pahunch jaate hain.
The first Bollywood villain with a lineage was Gogo. He was the great Mogambo's nephew (bhatija). And as befitting such a pedigree, he did not rest on his laurels. He was hell-bent on proving it every single time -
Khandaani chor hoon. Aaya hoon, kuch toh lootkar jaoonga!! 
I have had a colleague who refused to leave office without invoicing some goods to his distributors ("khandaani ASM hoon, kuch toh bechke jaoonga..."). I have heard it many times when people were hell-bent on doing something they were meant to do. They were egging themselves on!

We love twists in the tale – not only in movies but in real life as well. Whenever people want to give up on something, we like to appear like a hero in a Hindi film climax and announce the twist. No sales conference is complete with an unannounced gig and however predictable that may be, no MC worth his cordless mic would let an opportunity pass to say – Picture abhi baaki hain, mere dost.   
In the film, they meant it for something as momentous as a rebirth. We now use it to announce, maybe, an item number!

And finally, we come to a story...
You are travelling, staying at a five-star hotel. The work you are there for has dragged on and you return to the hotel really late. Before going up to the room, you walk into the coffee shop for a quick bite. As you wait
for a club sandwich, you spot a sexy woman in a LBD who gives you a sultry smile. She dangles a room key on her finger and it is obvious that she would love to know you better, a lot better.
You walk up to her table. And there's only one thing that you can ask her, really. The question that you've been dying to ask - somebody.
"Aap broker hain ya party?"


Abhishek Mukherjee said...

A bit irrelevant, but Boka Soda is something from Gopi Kishan that I keep uttering to myself. GB's post today triggered it again. :)

Anonymous said...

hi abhishek!
love your posts.

Anonymous said...

Idiot - if she is sultry and in an LBD, then she is "party", not "broker" :)

Anonymous said...

ho ho ho
it's like a lady waiting in line at the bank counter says to the employee-
main tumhare bacche ki ma banne waali hoon.

Abhishek Mukherjee said...

Two more:
"I hate tears Pushpaaaa, Pushpaaa, I hate tears..."
"Dil pe mat le yaar, haath mein le le..."

Anonymous said...

you MF.. the last line was wonderful... as I as told MM and OA.. I am telling you.. I want to meet you.. with your sense of humour.. oh man..

when ever you are coming to US of A.. give a call... 732-718-2199

please do not publish my number

- Arun

Anonymous said...

hottie,he published your number!
he doesnt see the comments,i suppose.

for staters,are you single?

Anonymous said...


publish your home add too.