Monday, February 20, 2012

Never Miss the End-credits

Just found out a treasure-trove of trivia from studying the credits of:

Om Shanti Om
We all know Farah Khan played an 'aggressive junior artiste' on the supposed sets of Karz. Apart from her, there were a host of technicians from the film who played bit parts.
Om's dead father (who only appeared in a picture in their shanty home) was Nakul Kamte, the sound designer.
The 'director' of the South-Indian 'Mind It' sequence was V Manikandan, the cinematographer.
A doctor on the sets of the burning village was Sabu Cyril, the production designer.
The director of Apaahij Pyar (the film in which OK played the triple-handicapped, Dard-e-Disco dancer) was Mayur Puri, the dialogue writer.
The screenplay writer (and SRK's hagiographer) Mushtaq Sheikh also appeared as a roadside sleeper, who interrupted SRK's passionate Filmfare-style drunken speech
And of course, the director of super-hero film (Mohabbat-Man) was Vishal Dadlani.

A whole lot of stars appeared unbilled in the scenes where Guddi was given a tour of the sets.
In the credits, Rajesh Khanna, Pran, Om Prakash and Ashok Kumar were mentioned for 'friendly appearances'. I even found Nitin Mukesh among the Assistant Directors.
But the real star power was in the unbilled roster!  
Amitabh Bachchan was shooting a scene for Parwana.
Naveen Nischol was not shooting for Parwana (as I assumed earlier) but for something called Nadaan.
Shatrughan Sinha and Vinod Khanna were shooting for Mere Apne.
Biswajeet and Mala Sinha were shooting for an obscure film called Phir Kab Milogi (also directed by Hrishikesh Mukherjee).
And if you are super-aggressive, hyper-obsessive trivia hunter, even dialogue director Biren Tripathy had a cameo (though I am unable to figure which one)!

Luck By Chance
You simply lose count of the stars in the interminable list  that follows 'Very Special Thanks'.
Manish Acharya, the writer of Loins of Punjab Presents, appeared as 'Junior Corporate' in Luck By Chance - one of the few people of the film fraternity who did not play himself in the film. He was the one who insisted that 'content in king' in Hollywood and wanted to look at 'properties'. ("Hollywood mein scripts ko property kehte hain...")
In a very cool sequence, the entire Bollywood brat pack spoke to the camera on why they couldn't accept the film Rishi Kapoor was producing.
Abhishek Bachchan said it would generate unnecessary controversy if he stepped in after Zaffar (Hrithik Roshan) moved out (and ended the meeting with "Dad said hi"). Viveik Oberoi said he has just done three dramatic roles and wanted to do something light. John Abraham wanted to do 'something experimental, you know' (which he did. No Smoking was directed by someone who had another cameo in LBC - Anurag Kashyap)! Ranbir Kapoor told Romi Rolly (Rishi Kapoor) "you are like a father to me" and agreed to start the film as soon as he had dates. In 2015.
And Akshaye Khanna never spoke. He thought and thought and thought...

Apart from these, you - of course - know that Salim Khan played Shammi Kapoor's friend in Teesri Manzil.
And Karan Johar made his acting debut in a television serial called Indradhanush (about a group of kids and the time machine they make).
Or Imran Khan has played the junior versions of his uncle in two films - QSQT and JJWS.
And a very slim & trim Subhash Ghai played Rajesh Khanna's friend in Aradhana - whose name was Prakash and his opening line "Pehle Prakash aata hain, phir Suraj nikalta hain" paved the way for Rajesh Khanna Mark II to appear in a blaze of glory. (Hey, did you guys read this?)

I wonder if there's any book where things like these are compiled. *nudge nudge wink wink*


Suhel Banerjee said...

If a blogpost can be termed a trailer for a book, this has my tickets hook, line & sinker. Can't wait to lay my hand on the treasure trove and conduct a bollywood quiz somewhere (with due credits of course!):)

palsworld said...

I did not know about Aradhana :) When is your book coming out btw?


Diptakirti Chaudhuri said...

@ Suhel - Will be my pleasure, entirel.

@ Pallavi - Seems to be May/June.