Friday, February 24, 2012

What do you do with a mother like mine?

I was entertaining myself today by posting silly Bollywood questions on Twitter and Facebook as an impromptu Friday Quiz.
The first question was very Google-able (since I did not know the answer myself). 
Who played Shukra in Satte Pe Satta? 
IMDb informs it is a gentleman by the name of Indrajeet (who's a very familiar face from 70s-80s Bollywood) though Pavan Jha (whose knowledge of Hindi cinema & music is ball-freezingly scary) thought it was Vimal Sahu and I usually side with him on these matters - IMDb or no IMDb!
BTW, you can check out Shukra in the picture (third from left) and add your comments.
And for future weekday-based quizzes, I have now prepared a cheat-sheet.
The second question was a little more Google-resistant. 
Chunnu chhabiley, Munnu hatiley, Chhotu rangeele, Gattu gathiley... who are these people?
The answers came thick and fast, though. For old people who know names like Shankar, Jaikishan, Rafi and Shammi, the answer is honking in the wind. For others, there is always YouTube.

The last question was impossible. Nobody attempted it, let alone even guess. When a dear friend's wife declared even my friend doesn't know, I decided to reveal the the answer to the question: In which film did the number 7396 play a pivotal role?
And I promptly got a scolding from my mother on Facebook "I knew the answer. Why did you give it out so fast?" Damn... of course, she knew. We saw this movie together and her memory in these matters is better than mine. 

Which reminded me of some of my past conversations or SMS exchanges with her.

SMS from me: Aradhana on Zee.
SMS reply: Watching MPK.

Mom: I thought Adnan Sami was married to Zeba Bakhtiar. Who is this Sabah now?
Me: He was first married to Zeba. This is his second marriage, which is now breaking.
Mom: Poor boy. Has a rather nasty luck for marriages.

Me giving her a copy of a new film magazine – Star Week – to her. After a while…
Mom: This is like Stardust of the olden days.
Me: This magazine is also from Nari Hira’s company.
Mom: Filmfare is rubbish. Except for their Awards issue, not one issue is worth reading.

Mom: Somebody slap Vijay Mallya. He is now maroing line on Katrina Kaif.
Me: Salman probably will.
Mom: But Salman and Katrina have split, I hear.

SMS from Me: Hey, there’s a show on Shakti Samanta happening on Times Now.
SMS reply: Oh yes, Total Recall. I know. About to switch on the TV. 

What, you still don't know the answer to 7396? Here, check it out. 7:00 onwards.
If my father had been around, he would have said, "7396 is square of 86. Who cares what film?"


Sandeep said...

Damn, you made me watch RKRCKR again, something which I pointedly refused to do in college, and despite being a big fan of Jaggu-Anil combo movies.

Viewers of the movie were seen running away from the theater in a scene reminiscent of AK vs dogs from the same feature when it had released.


Anonymous said...

Chunnu chhabiley, Munnu hatiley, Chhotu rangeele, Gattu gathiley... who are these people? Chakke pe Chakka song characters.

Now, another one popped up in my head...the ruby, sheela, paro, ya phir...chalegi apni galli kee meena :) Yaad kijiye janaab. Also, on a similar note, O'sheela, O'bano, many characters in songs.