Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Zebra Stars

Recently, my friend Nilendu (whose blog is now defunct and cannot be linked to anymore) and I exchanged a few quick DMs on a subject that matched the usual standards of our eclectic standards. He suggested I do a post on white-striped wigs of Bollywood female leads. And while at it, I might as well throw in a couple of male leads as well!
So, here you go...
And before our wives ask, where the f*** do we get these ideas? I mean, really!

This has got to be the strangest 'zebra' with Amitabh becoming old with a solitary strand of white in his black mane
In one of her two roles, Madhuri Dixit played the elderly patron of dance while the younger MD was blind and pranced around on a nautanki stage. The elder MD was made to look distinguished with a 'dusting' of grey.
When this film was made, Kabir Bedi must have been in his late-40s and Mukesh Khanna in his mid-30s. Kabir Bedi played father to Sanjay Dutt (in his early 30s) and Mukesh was Dyaaad to Feroze Khan (in his late 50s).
While Feroze and Sanjay sported snazzy, pitch-dark hair, Kabir and Mukesh were saddled with classic zebra wigs!

Mala Sinha wasn't the lead in this heist-caper of a film but her tufts of grey were too memorable to exclude!
Aruna Irani commandeered this film almost completely, matching Madhuri Dixit move for move, line for line. If she hadn't been handicapped with old age (as exemplified by her 'zebra'), she would have probably done a Dhak dhak as well!  
And finally, we have the most famous 'zebra' of Bollywood that could possibly be the most famous in this country's entire history as well. When Suchitra Sen played a charismatic woman politician, we couldn't think she played anybody else except...
Hell, even the name of the film rhymed with the famous surname!

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