Friday, June 08, 2012

KAT Scan... 1

In a forthcoming book (in which I have more than passing interest), it is reported that there is going to be some serious trivia on Bollywood.
To give the readers of Calcutta Chromosome a sneak peek into the content of the book, I thought I will do a series of four quizzes this month (all related to a chapter from the book). Every Friday in June, your attention will have to flit between Shanghai, Wasseypur and Blogger, then. And don't worry, the trivia in these quizzes will not be from the book. Bwahahaha... out of syllabus hai! 

And very cleverly, I have decided to call this quiz KAT Scan (KAT = Kitnay Aadmi Thay, geddit? What's a Bollywood book without a catchy acronym?).

Errr... are there any prizes?
Prize? What prize? You guys should do this for the passion, yaar!

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1. Which film is Amitabh Bachchan watching with so much excitement while people around him are clearly not amused?
2. Whose business model was based on the iconic Mother India when it first released?
3. Who went to see Shaan at Maratha Mandir? And what is the fallacy in that?
4. Guddi takes an autograph from her favourite star on the booklet of a film. Which one?
Psst... there are several films already named in the subtitles. Is it one of them?

5. Name the film this Bengali film was a part of.

6. Who is the forlorn lady standing under the chhatra chhaya of Amitabh Bachchan and Saira Banu of Zameer? (AB had a guest appearance, playing himself in the film.)

7. Shashi Kapoor as a mean machine in Mukti. Which frequent co-star of Shashi made a quick buck while this meta movie was on in the main movie?

This scene is from a film song written by a very famous Bengali. Who wrote the story on which the film (not the main film, but the film within the film) was based?

Commercial Break: One of the chapters in the book is called Meta: 10 Films Within Films, exploring the movies which had another film being made within it.
Cool, no? You will buy it, no? (Shit, I am sounding like an Eureka Forbes salesman.)

1. In Akayla, Amitabh Bachchan is watching Seeta Aur Geeta (coincidentally or not) by the same director. He got an idea to crack his case by seeing the twins in the movie.
2. In Kala Bazar, Dev Anand made a killing by 'blacking' the tickets of Mother India.
3. In Bluffmaster, Roy (AB Jr), Dittu (Riteish Deshmukh) and Sridhar (Nana Patekar) went to see Shaan to cut a deal in the dark. They went in around 1 PM while the 11:30 AM show at Maratha Mandir - for the last 17 years - has been some other film.
4. Anupama.
5. Do Anjaane, where Rekha Roy became a star Sumitra Devi.
6. Chhoti Si Baat, with Vidya Sinha as Prabha.
7. Toughie. This movie was playing in Kasme Vaade when AB was trying to steal a car after selling tickets to a house-full show to the car owner.

Bonus Q: The main film was Chiriyakhana (directed by a reasonably talented Bengali director) which was about finding a yesteryear actress. The film within the film was Bankimchandra Chattopadhyay's Bishobriksho. And the scene shown was a song written by the director - Bhalobashar tumi ki jano? (What do you know of love?). Watch it.  

Avishek - 2.5 (0.5 for DDLJ-Maratha Mandir)
Straight Cut - 5.0 (should be given 0.5 more for Deewar/Devar, which is great)
Abhishek Mukherjee - 7.0
TheQuark - 5.0
Ignoramus Scribbler - 1
WhatsInNames - 2
Anonymous - 3 (what an imaginative name!)
KeepingItSimple - 2
Sakshama - 3
Anonymous - 2
Tejaswi - 2
SomOnline - 3
iTW - 0.5
Khalil Sawant - 1.5 (0.5 for being the first commenter!)

Great performance from Straight Cut and TheQuark. Abhishek Mukherjee's score should be reduced to 2 (-5 points for missing the Bonus).
Wait for the next instalment this Friday. And the book by the end of this month. (Pre-order opens in a couple of weeks.)


Khalil Sawant said...

6. Woh anjaan pal beh gaye kal -- Rajnigandha

iTW said...

all guesses

1. mard?
4. Guddi
6. Guddi???

somonline said...

If this is a trailer of the book, then you don't need to worry if people will buy it or not. Excellent questions!

I can only try to answer 3 of these.

4) Anupama.
5) Do Anjane.
6) Vidya Sinha as Prabha in Chhoti Si Baat.

btw, what is the procedure to pre book this?

Tejaswi said...

3 - Dittu and Roy. The obvious flaw == Sholay

6 - Prabha Narayan.

Anonymous said...


1. Seeta aur Geeta
6. Vidya Sinha(as Prabha in the movie)

Sakshama said...

1. Mard is the movie this is from, but not sure which movie he's watching.

2. ?

3. Abhishek Bachchan in Bluffmaster. And that's not possible because Shaan hasn't been playing at Maratha Mandir (at least not during the time period the movie is shot in), because DDLJ was!

4. Anupama (Although I love Bandini. I wish it was Bandini.)

5. Um, uh, er. Khoon Bhari Maang the Bengali translation.

6. Vidya Sinha (For bonus points: movie name Chhoti Si Baat?)

7. Deven Verma

KeepingItSimple said...

1. Akayla - > Seeta Aur Geeta.
3. Sholay was playing in Maratha Mandir.
5. Do Anjaane
6. Vijeyata Pandit.
7. Raakhee

All the best for the book release. Will order one on Amazon.

Anonymous said...

3. Abhishek Bachchan & Ritesh Deshmukh. Maratha Mandir has been playing only DDLJ since its release in 1995.

4. Anupama

6. Vidya Sinha


whatsinnames said...

1)Amitabh is watching "Seeta aur geeta" in akayla

6) Vidya Sinha in "Chhoti Si baat"

Ignoramus Scribbler said...

1. Jaadugar
3. Ramesh Sippy must have gone to Maratha Mandir to see Shaan but would have found out Sholay running there.
4. Devar
6. Chhoti Si Baat

thequark said...

1. Akayla, it had the really emotive taxi, somethign similar to Khud-Daar
2. No clue
3. My guess about the fallcy is Amitabh Bachchan/Shashi Kapoor/Shatru going to watch the movie of their own.
4. Anupama
5. I guess Do Anjaane where Rekha becomes a starlet in Bengali movies
6. Vidya Sinha in Chhoti Si Baat
7. My guess is AB being a tout in a movie post Mukti release. But AB being a tout is hard to find and make a guesstimate. May be Kasme Vaade. AB's second role was of a criminal of sorts right?
8. No idea at all

thequark said...

Wait. For 7th question, I think there might also be a chance that it is Imaan Dharam in which Amitabh and Shashi used to be mock witnesses. Don't know if they ever sold tickets in black. Or may be they did their business near the Mukti movie hoarding.

Abhishek Mukherjee said...

1. Seeta aur Geeta. The main movie is Akayla.
2. Dev Anand (playing Raghu in Kaala Bazar).
3. Possibly Abhishek Bachchan (Roy) in Bluffmaster!. The fallacy can be like this - this is a 2005 movie, when the theatre has been showing DDLJ since 1996.
4. Anupama.
5. Do Anjaane.
6. Vidya Sinha (playing Prabha in Chhoti Si Baat)
7. Amitabh Bachchan.
Bonus: Absolutely clueless. Not my forte. But what is this question doing in a Bollywood quiz?

Dhinvira said...

For Q3. Abhishek bachchan went to see Shaan in Maratha mandir when the poster outside was of Deewar. This happened as a blooper in the movie BluffMaster..

Straight Cut said...

Hi Diptakirti, I am a first timer in your blog. Here’s my humble attempt at your bouncers –
1. Seeta aur Geeta (Movie: Akayla)
2. Is it Mother Dairy?? (Wild guess)
3. Nana Patekar, Abhishek Bachchan and Ritesh Deshmukh in Bluffmaster. The only fallacy that I could think of is that Maratha Mandir was showing DDLJ (and probably continues to do so…) when the movie was released (2006), so they could not possibly have seen Shaan.
4. Anupama – In fact, the sub-title is slightly wrong. I am very sure Jaya says “Devar” (as in Brother in law) and not “Deewar”.
5. Do Anjaane
6. Vidya Sinha in Chhoti si Baat
7. This was a bouncer for me – Just a guess, is it Amitabh??
Bonus question – Not a bong, so no idea!!
All the best for your book. If this quiz was any indicator, I just can’t wait for KAT to release so that I can test my decent Trivia knowledge against the Master's!!!

Avishek said...

1) Seeta aur Geeta in Akayla
3) Aamir Khan in Rangeela. DDLJ was running at Maratha Mandir then.
4) Chupke Chupkee
5) Do Anjaane
6) The lady in Choti Si Baat (this is the movie). She was also there in Rajnigandha. Forgot the name and didnt google.

Abhishek Mukherjee said...

I protest. Five points taken away for a bonus question, that too an off-topic one, and not a single nice word for getting all seven correct? X(

thequark said...

oh crap. I got the first answer wrong, didn't read the question carefully. Should have gone to the scene in Akayla.