Friday, August 31, 2012

Mera kuch saamaan...

Some random bits of trivia - which I don't know what to do with... 

* * * * *
India's two highest grossing movies are both:
- produced by a Chopra
- the directors' third feature film
- acted in by a Khan
- acted in by a lead actress whose initials are KK
- about a lead character's popular name not being his real name

* * * * *
Research topics in Bollywood are really eclectic. 
'Prasiddha arthashastri' Professor Rele has written a shodhgrantha on the 'per capita income of the backward tribes of Maharashtra', which Ramprasad Sharma found to be excellent. 
Samar Pratap Singh (Ranbir Kapoor) of Rajneeti was working on his PhD when he got embroiled in his family's problems. His doctoral thesis was on "The subtextual emotional violence of 19th century Victorian poetry". Whew! 
This reminded me of Meghey Dhaka Tara. Sanat - Nita's wimp boyfriend - was planning to do a research before the lure of lucre too over. His topic was 'Reynolds' Number of the supersonic vibrations of the Lower Gangetic Plain'. As a student of Mechanical Engineering, I was much tickled to find a 'technical term' in a classic film.  

* * * * * 
I was watching Ek Tha Tiger when I realised the most common name for Indian spies is - hold your breath - Gopal/Gopi.
No, Salman's real name wasn't that. He was a macho member of a warrior tribe: Avinash Singh Rathore. Ranvir Shorey was Gopi. Jeetendra in Farz was Gopal a.k.a. Agent 116. Gunmaster G9 was Gopi.
On a related note, do take a look at Gunmaster G9's car. It steamrolls the Batmobile, chews it up, digests it and then shits it out like bullets in Gopi's Gun.


Plaban Mohanty said...

Well couldn't help myself from adding this one - Chunky Pandey in and as Gopalaa... again a spy and again confirming to your theory.

Manish Mittal said...

And well there was Raj Kapoor playing Gopichand Jasoos as well...

Plaban Mohanty said...

Query - Which are the top two movies - Cause Box Office shows it is 3 Idiots and Dabbang.