Tuesday, April 09, 2013

55 Goes To Bollywood

A while back, I was slightly obsessed with writing 55-word stories/paragraphs. I wrote one set of stories on heroines, one on the seven deadly sins and another longer story in 55-word paragraphs. Then, I forgot all about it.
Yesterday I got some ideas while thinking about my pet topic.
And 55 went to tinsel town.

* * * * *

“Sagar-saab, without good dialogues, a scene falls flat. These daily dialogue writers you get are rubbish.”
“Arre, I got a new fellow today.”
“Forget him. Let me write. I promise you...”
“Yaar Salim, tu akele kya kya karega. Acting karega ya dialogue likhega? You meet this new guy - Javed. You'll like his work. Guaranteed.”

* * * * *

“The guy is really good”, Salim said.
“He was a pain in the romantic scenes. But the fights were amazing”, added Javed.
“I think Ramesh should see the movie.”
“The distributors won’t let him take this guy…”
“Let Ramesh see the film. After that, it’s his call…”
“Yeah. What’s the film called?”
“Bombay to Goa.”

* * * * *

“Barjatya-saab, I can't take Hari-bhai for the role.”
“Why? What happened?”
“Nothing. He's a great actor. But he's no longer hungry. His passion has...”
“What passion, Mahesh? Talent chahiye, bhai...”
“Yesterday, Anupam came to my place. His anger. His talent. His hunger... I've decided. Either he does the role or I won't direct this film.”

* * * * *

"Ramu-ji, Anurag and I were discussing the don must be an everyday guy in his personal life. Scared of his wife. Loves his kids. Loves eating kheer. You know, normal."
"Interesting. Then the name shouldn't be bombastic. Not Mogambo or Bhaktavar."
"No, no. Not at all."
The office boy walked in.
"Bhiku, teen coffee lana."

* * * * *

Vishal entered Chandan Cinema. Sajid came running, waving tickets.
“VD, this movie is a classic. Saw the noon show. Now matinee with you.”
Vishal lit a cigarette and smiled at his friend’s enthu.
“If I become a director, I will remake this film. And you’ll be the hero.”
“I’ll change my name if that happens.”

* * * * *

Five stories of 55 words each.
Each about one notable instance of Bollywood history, as imagined by yours truly.
I am now wondering if they have become too obscure because the snapshot is all-too-brief.
What do you think? Did you manage to recognize the people and the settings? Yes?
Then, write some of yours, no?


Aneela Z said...

Make it more obscure yara so we actually use our grey cells. Sarhadi Lootera, amitabh ki " sholey discovery "/ suggestion, Anupam Kher ki discovery for Sparansh. @&$$ sajid khan and Ajay Devgan ( though I love the name change twist for shouldn't sajid be changing his name now that Himmatwala is a flop?) Bikku from Satya. All this is out there . Write more about all that has remained unwritten

Abhishek Mukherjee said...

I agree 100% with Z. Make them more obscure.

Bollywood Badshah said...

Nice ones. Keep them coming.

Balmiki said...

The last one not so notable isn't it?