Thursday, May 02, 2013

A Star Is Born

My family has a thing for - what we call - 'gaalbhora' (literally, a mouthful) names though they got shortened by well-meaning friends. I am Diptakirti going around as Dipta while my sister is Debanjana, now known as Debbie. (Not Debi, unfortunately. Sigh.)
Probably scarred by our efforts in explaining these long names to less evolved people, my sister and I decided to give simple names to our children. (Dyujoy is a simple name, okay?) While I had Joy and Deeti, my sister came up with Tara. (She lives in a civilised place where they let you know the child's gender beforehand.) My mother murmured some desire for a 'gaalbhora naam' but then, my sister has never listened to anybody in her entire life.

I was quite tickled to because
(a) My sister's nickname is Moon. And now there is a Star.
(b) The second part of Phoolon ka, taaron ka arrived before the first part. (Page 114 of Kitnay Aadmi Thay, dudes!)

* * * * * *
As I have mentioned twice before, I strongly believe in birthdays passing on traits. We already have a Roger Waters in the family and an International Woman of Mystery.
When I first heard my sister was due for delivery in the first week of May, my first thought was to wish for a May 2nd date. No other date (not even October 11) holds so much meaning for me as this one and if I could choose a date for any of my kids, I would have chosen this one without a shade of doubt.
When QSQT turned 25 earlier this week, I slyly thought my sister probably deserves her daughter to be born on that day. I know she herself wanted it when she messaged me - somewhat resignedly - after a checkup.
So thankfully, the little girl decided to come today and ensure her Mamu will forget everything else in the world but not her birthday.

Welcome, Miss Tara Nair. May you grow up to be a Ray heroine. 


Abhishek Mukherjee said...

It was also Brian Lara's birthday. Can we hope for a legendary batsperson as well?

Maybe she plays till 40, and then takes to directing movies.

ICC Hall of Fame and Academy Awards. Can you beat this combination?

Abhra Das said...

Haha! I know exactly how it feels when you have to explain your name to the Non-Bongs.
'Abhra' is a common spelling in Bengal. But the moment you step outside, it gets pronunced as 'A-Bra'! :0

the mad momma said...

Did I mention that I love this post? Well, I do. Such a lovely post for a lucky girl from a loving maama.