Saturday, October 12, 2013

More Conversations with Mother

Ding dong o baby sing a song comes on the car stereo.
My mother breaks off mid-sentence from another conversation and says, "This fellow's son is about to join films."
I say, "Yeah, Tiger."
My mother says, "After Mithun's son, I am always scared about star son's debuts."
Now, my mother changes track and says, "Amrish Puri became a top villain after this movie."
Me: "Yeah."
Mom: "Was Shakti before this or after?"
Me: "Shakti would be before."
Mom: "Yes, so Shakti and this would have made him into a star and after Mogambo, there was no looking back."
Me: "He did the Indiana Jones film also around the same time."
Mom (murmuring): "Pasha ki bhasha... Pasha ki bhasha..."

By this time, my wife has fallen asleep and my mother starts recounting - pretty much line by line - an interview of Biplab Chatterjee (a Bengali actor known for his negative roles) where he praised Amrish Puri and called him the only villain who could match up to Amitabh Bachchan.

Do me a favour. Check out Amrish Puri's filmography on IMDb and realise the Kya cool hain hum song was actually written for me and my mother.
And read this post. The phrase We are like this only was also written for us. 


Abhishek Mukherjee said...

Can I adopt her for a month or so?

Ardra said...

Why nobody talks about Amrish Puri's role in Nihalani's Vijeta...