Friday, January 15, 2016

4. Kill Bill Vol 1

A woman is beaten to an inch of death at her wedding and every one of the guests, her groom and her unborn child are killed. She goes into a coma for four years but wakes up to start taking revenge on her adversaries.
Zanjeer meets Khoon Bhari Maang meets Ambe Maa Blood Bank is Quentin Tarantino's supposed masterpiece, double-billed, celluloid classic - Kill Bill Vol 1.

I have heard people go into paroxysms of delight merely on hearing Tarantino's name and indeed, he has some excellent films to his credit but sadly, I cannot add Kill Bill Vol 1 to it. Since the story is something we grew up with (in India), the choreographed violence or the occasional gimmick (a graphic novel animation style to describe one story segment) was just not enough to keep me awake and alert till the end. I watched only because I had to count one up on the #100MoviePact.
The last line is a big kicker, nicely announcing the Vol 2, but that was too little, too late for me.


kala kavva said...

Pasand Apni Apni, Khayal apna apna.
-- Devar 1966 ( I think ).

Totally agree with that we have seen everything in hindi movies which this movie shows. Yet, the chorography ( both in part I and II ) is beautiful here.
I have seen this movie about 5 times and I love it everytime. There is something in Tarantino movies which make me go back and revisit them.

Nilendu said...

It is like walking in the rain. You probably have done/would do it hundreds of times in life, but one would always STICK in your mind. The one - like the first loose envelope when you open a drawer - would pop every time you think of walking in the rain.

Comparing Khoon Bhari Maang and Kill Bill is - even taking your Bollywood-bias - a yuuuuge stretch. Story is certainly a dimension (and probably 99% of stories are first-order derivative from, say, Bible or Mahabharata), but expected you to at least touch upon others (acting, cinematography bla bla).