Wednesday, February 10, 2016

8. Asterix: Mansion of the Gods

Many years back, my father announced that he wanted to watch the Bengali film to be shown on Doordarshan that Saturday because his (then) boss had a small role in it. He was never an avid movie watcher and I was intrigued enough to join him. (At that age, I preferred to avoid Bengali cinema and preferred the Sunday Hindi movie because that had 'fighting'.)
The film was Aranyer Dinratri and I was gobsmacked to find that the director was a gentleman I was very familiar with. He wrote the Feluda novels... and now it turned out that he had directed a few films in his spare time!
This serendipitous discovery started with me memorising the thirteen names in the Memory Game that evening and ended up being the most rewarding part of my movie-watching life.

A few days back, we went to see an animated film on Asterix and somewhere in between the film, my son realised that there was a stack of books on the top shelf of my bookcase have these strange characters with winged helmets and striped swimsuit-like clothes. "You mean, there is a book on this movie? Like Harry Potter?"
So after watching the film, my son has started reading Asterix comics. And now we have to contend with "Ahahahaha, the ironsmith is called Fulliautomatix... Fully. Automatic. Geddit?" every now and then.
If wasting one Sunday afternoon siesta of mine can end with a lifelong addiction to the crazy Gauls for him, I'd call it a fair trade.

Why did I recount the first story? Just.
Why did I recount these two random things in a 'review' of a film? Just.

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