Sunday, July 31, 2016

31. Pancham Unmixed

This documentary has been around for some time and any RD fan worth his salt has seen at least bits and pieces, if not the whole thing. The magic of RD - his near-parental love for his musicians, his friendships, his inspirations, his highs, his lows, his fan base and most important, his genius - is brought out brilliantly.

What I loved most is that the film took a particular song/film/era and went to a wide range of people to explore it. A star talked about their reactions when they performed or first heard the song. His musicians talked about how a lazy guitar strumming became the leitmotif. A producer talked about how the song fit the brief. A lyricist talked about finding the right word or how a long drive led to the final song. A close friend recounted his emotions at the life stage when the song was composed. And then, a fan talked about how the song changed his life.
And the fan base not only comprised of the homesick NRI listening to a CD on his car stereo. It also had people like Vishal Bharadwaj, Shantanu Moitra and Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy.

I always feel a good documentary works like a fictional film... there is a rise, there is a peak and there is a fall before our protagonist wins in the end.
Pancham Unmixed brings out this story of RD's life where he started off as the half-panted pipsqueak son of SD Burman to a top composer before his music and health both took their toll and brought him down with a thud. RD Burman didn't go out quietly into the night and signed off with a bang. Maybe a bit too early because he wasn't proclaimed a genius in his lifetime. Probably all the new instruments and strange sounds confused that generation.
As a famous song goes, "Duniya mein logon ko, dhokha kabhi ho jaata hai..." 

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