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A collection of all the reviews and mentions for Kitnay Aadmi Thay: Completely Useless Bollywood Trivia with all the buying options helpfully listed on the right side. You get the message, right?

Reviews - Mainstream Media

The Hindu / July 21, 2012: The Maha Vishnu of Mount Road gave the book a cautious thumbs up (I think). While frowning at the "collegian style and humour", it thought the book had "plenty of fodder for arguments, impromptu quizzes and foolhardy bets". / July 31, 2012: Calling the trivia "not-so-useless", they found the book to be a "fun read" and felt it "caters to the fans of Indian cinema who find films an inseparable part of their lives". Cannot argue with that! 

HT City / August 6, 2012: Delhi's No. 1 entertainment supplement gave the book a great review, calling it the "perfect encyclopedia for Bollywood" and recommended it as "a joy-ride for the movie-buff inside you". 

Deccan Chronicle / September 27, 2012: The review started with "Trust a Bengali to have the patience to put together..." and ended with "Bollywood fans will giggle over it and use KAT to win arguments with passion and sheer one-upmanship". 

Dawn / January 27, 2013: Aman Ki Asha suddenly made sense for me when a review appeared in Pakistan and called it "the ideal book for any fanatic, who will probably end up wanting a sequel". 

Reviews - Blogs & Social Media

Flipkart reviews here
Infibeam reviews here.

Several bloggers reviewed the book either spontaneously or on request of my publishers. Some of them are:

Abhishek Mukherjee - "I cannot remember the last time when non-fiction was this entertaining."

Suhel Banerjee"Bollywood fan's wet dream come true"

Maryann Taylor - "A gem of a book on all things Bollywood"

Indian Nerve - "Totally recommended for those who’d like to add a dash of filmy to their otherwise normal lives."

Pallavi Kamat - "The only thing left for Dipta to do now is come out with a second book listing all the things which he mentions in KAT would require a separate book."

BlogAdda has a review programme for its members and some of them who reviewed Kitnay Aadmi Thay are:
Momofrs - "Do grab a copy and read it. I’m sure that once you’ve turned over the last page, you would immediately want a sequel."

Furobiker - "You will love this book, if you love Bollywood as much as I do."

A Spoon full of World - "The humour stays intact and sometimes will have you in splits."

Dunkdaft - "Go grab your copy with popcorn, samosa and an oily pack of chips. :)"

Vyo's World - "Like a surgeon he dissects every movie to understand the anatomy of Bollywood"

Apart from these, three of India's best known film critics (Anupama Chopra, Shubhra Gupta and Sukanya Verma) and one well-known director (Sanjay Gupta) said very kind things about the book on Twitter.

Interviews & Profiles
HT City (Kolkata) / July 1, 2012: A pre-release profile that said "the book can be a page turner for all those who enjoy recounting Bollywood stories, and have an eye and ear for apparently unimportant but amusing details."

The Wall Street Journal (India Real Time on / August 13, 2012: An interview with Beth Watkins (she of Beth Loves Bollywood fame) that thought the book "has lots of fun with lists of filmi types, tropes, facts and familiar faces. The book merrily hops from one topic to the next, just as chatter with movie-mad friends flows from nostalgia to argument to shared belly laughs." 

Beth had some very perceptive observations on how difficult it would be to write a book where cinema evokes high passion and how objectivity dies on the altar of passion.

The Asian Age / August 19, 2012: An interview in which I got to talk about the beginnings of my Bollywood romance, the movies I would love to see made and my plans for a next book (if that happens). 

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