Thursday, August 03, 2006


In XLRI, there was this path-breaking association called the PJAXI, whose mission was to plumb the depths of bad humour. And when they reach the absolute depth, they will start to dig!
I think I cannot escape by using the third person here because I was one of the more active members of this august body.

Lack of practice takes away skill and serious meetings in corporate corridors took away the touch. I mean, bad jokes in the middle of an already bad review meeting are to be avoided at all costs!
On the opening of a large call-centre in Bangalore and Pepsi's subsequent entry into their cafeteria, I reported the same with glee in my review presentation. Breaking away from English, I had said, "Ek vishal call centre ka udghaatan hua hain..." and Vishal Kaul (who had recently moved to the Unit) was more than tickled!
But that was quite a rarity.

Though there are some which are really good ones... only if somebody had the guts to try them out!
Flunkey: Boss, aap ke paas khudka nahin hain kya?
Boss: (speechless)
Flunkey: Toh phir aap meri kyon lete rehte ho?
Maybe we should submit these for future commercials!

A long long time ago, there was the fly-and-mosquito series. Then came the hilarious elephant series. And the why-did-the-chicken-cross-the-road series. Which is always more fun when you make up your own series!
And then somebody merged the two... my favourite:
- Why did the elephant cross the road?
- It was the chicken's day off!
And guess what, there are these founts of creativity, who are constantly making newer ones!

Now, I have realised that the SMS is the largest vehicle of the PJ. And to think, the column of newspapers with SMS jokes are the most popular of all!

* Ladka: Mere dil mein aaja, raani!
Ladki: Sandal nikaloo kya?
Ladka: Mandir thode hi hain, pagli? Aise hi aaja!

* Himesh Reshamiyya goes to his son-in-law's house.
Knock Knock.
Kaun hain?
Tera Tera Tera Sasoor...

Lovely, I mean... what is a good PJ if it is not topical?

* While on Knock-Knock jokes, there's one from MTV's Hindification of the series:
Knock, Knock.
Kaun hain?
Video kaun?
Videocon washing machine. (Somehow, its more fun if you can sing out the tune!)

And, there are innovative sequel names.

- Mujhe Kuch Kehna Hain!
- Toh bolna, madar****!

- Maine Gandhi ko Nahin Maara.
- Toh kya woh nakli daaru peeke lukad gaye?

- Main Madhuri Dixit Banna Chahti Hoon.
- Ladki hain tu??
(This was developed by my group in Marico South - and is more appreciated there!)

And finally, a Bengali one. And topical too!
- O Thello.
- Ami Porey Gelam!

Mhuhahahahahahaha... Don't go away. I am coming back with more.
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