In XLRI, there was this path-breaking association called the PJAXI, whose mission was to plumb the depths of bad humour. And when they reach the absolute depth, they will start to dig!
I think I cannot escape by using the third person here because I was one of the more active members of this august body.

Lack of practice takes away skill and serious meetings in corporate corridors took away the touch. I mean, bad jokes in the middle of an already bad review meeting are to be avoided at all costs!
On the opening of a large call-centre in Bangalore and Pepsi's subsequent entry into their cafeteria, I reported the same with glee in my review presentation. Breaking away from English, I had said, "Ek vishal call centre ka udghaatan hua hain..." and Vishal Kaul (who had recently moved to the Unit) was more than tickled!
But that was quite a rarity.

Though there are some which are really good ones... only if somebody had the guts to try them out!
Flunkey: Boss, aap ke paas khudka nahin hain kya?
Boss: (speechless)
Flunkey: Toh phir aap meri kyon lete rehte ho?
Maybe we should submit these for future naukri.com commercials!

A long long time ago, there was the fly-and-mosquito series. Then came the hilarious elephant series. And the why-did-the-chicken-cross-the-road series. Which is always more fun when you make up your own series!
And then somebody merged the two... my favourite:
- Why did the elephant cross the road?
- It was the chicken's day off!
And guess what, there are these founts of creativity, who are constantly making newer ones!

Now, I have realised that the SMS is the largest vehicle of the PJ. And to think, the column of newspapers with SMS jokes are the most popular of all!

* Ladka: Mere dil mein aaja, raani!
Ladki: Sandal nikaloo kya?
Ladka: Mandir thode hi hain, pagli? Aise hi aaja!

* Himesh Reshamiyya goes to his son-in-law's house.
Knock Knock.
Kaun hain?
Tera Tera Tera Sasoor...

Lovely, I mean... what is a good PJ if it is not topical?

* While on Knock-Knock jokes, there's one from MTV's Hindification of the series:
Knock, Knock.
Kaun hain?
Video kaun?
Videocon washing machine. (Somehow, its more fun if you can sing out the tune!)

And, there are innovative sequel names.

- Mujhe Kuch Kehna Hain!
- Toh bolna, madar****!

- Maine Gandhi ko Nahin Maara.
- Toh kya woh nakli daaru peeke lukad gaye?

- Main Madhuri Dixit Banna Chahti Hoon.
- Ladki hain tu??
(This was developed by my group in Marico South - and is more appreciated there!)

And finally, a Bengali one. And topical too!
- O Thello.
- Ami Porey Gelam!

Mhuhahahahahahaha... Don't go away. I am coming back with more.


the mad momma said…
geez.. ur wife and I work hard to avoid your jokes... only to find them making an appearance on ur blog.. i concede that you do have a right to blog about whatever you wish on ur own blog... but come on. have a heart!!!
udayan said…
Planning to forward all this to Rohit ... he is closer than you think.

And noticed your attempted tag. I can only reply to one question.

I want to strangle you.
Anonymous said…
The sequel names are interesting. In the context of blogging, how about "Main Kiruba Shanker banna chaahta hoon"
Anonymous said…
hey great blog you got here :D
Anonymous said…
hmm....PJAXI is still going strong in XL :)))
Gautam Ghosh said…
keep the flag flying low brother !

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